10 Incredible GameCube ROM Hacks To Download

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Get ready to reinvent your favourite Nintendo games with the best GameCube ROM hacks of all time!

That’s right; we’ve made a list of the 10 best mods to some classic Cube titles, all with new features and exciting additions that feel like a breath of fresh air.

From increased difficulty to new stages and more, the Retro Gaming community has delivered once again.

And man, have they been sneaky!

So, let’s check out what they’ve created and get you on your way to discovering these alternative game versions already; time is money, people!

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10. Harvest Moon: A Proud Life

Best GameCube ROM Hacks - Harvest Moon: A Proud Life

First up on our list of the best GameCube ROM hacks is a simple little modification, but one that highlights an important message.

Games tend to focus solely on heterosexual relationships between characters, which we should all know isn’t how the world solely works by now.

A Proud Life gives players the chance to take part in same-sex relationships between characters by swapping Mark with Pony.

Now, as Pony, players can sweet talk Nami, Muffy, or Celia and start a family with them.

Unfortunately there isn’t a patch that swaps the eligible bachelorettes with bachelors, but it’s a start!

9. Pokemon XG: NeXt Gen

Some ROM Hacks change the storyline, while others just make them incredibly tough to the point of being eye-wateringly tough.

Pokemon XG: NeXt Gen mostly leans towards the second, adding extra difficulty to Gale of Darkness for advanced players that can now play the game with their eyes closed.

It also brings other obtainable Shadow Pokemon and newer moves to the table, as well as new orders to the trainers.

The opponents are all tougher, and the appeal of having new monsters and moves makes this ROM hack a must have for Poke fans around the globe.

8. Luigi’s Mansion: First Person Optimised

Best GameCube ROM Hacks - Luigi's Mansion First Person Optimised

How you do you make Luigi’s Mansion scary? Stick it in first-person mode using the next mod in our best GameCube ROM Hacks list!

That’s literally all there is to this one, but it gives the game a whole new feel entirely.

Imagine MYST or Half Life where the main character moves around with a vacuum cleaner, and you’ve got the general vibe of this hack.

Playing any game in first-person makes for jumpier gameplay, which is why this mod finally makes Luigi’s Mansion more of a scare fest than a cutesy platformer…

… ok, a tame scare fest, but still great hack.

7. Diet Pikmin 2

Diet Pikmin 2 adds a tonne of new caves for players to explore, 14 to be exact.

The diet part of the title alludes to a friendlier experience for first-time Pikmin players. We all know how frustrating this game can be at times, so I guess you could see this mod as a toned down version of the main game to ease you in.

Still, there are lots of challenges to undertake even if you’re a seasoned Pikmin collector, so it’s well worth a look in no matter what your experience level.

Underground treasure locations have been shuffled around to spice things up a little too, and with new dialogue that includes swearing and NSFW comments, you’ll be wishing that this was a whole Pikmin game in its own right.

6. 007: Agent Under Fire Reloaded

Best GameCube ROM Hacks - 007: Agent Under Fire Reloaded

The sixth spot in our list of the best GameCube ROM hacks goes to 6. 007: Agent Under Fire Reloaded.

Remember the problems with the original GameCube game? Waiting an age for multiplayer matches to begin, no option for saving preferences, weapons firing around the person instead of at them?

Well, all of these problems and more have been fixed in this ROM hack, allowing you and your mates to play proper multiplayer matches like you should have been doing back in the day.

There’s a list a mile long of added features and changed parameters in this mod, so click the link above and settle down for a good-old fact-check-fest!

5. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Double Trouble

Best GameCube ROM Hacks - Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Double Trouble

Remember I said that ROM hacks often make games harder? Well you can’t make games much harder than doubling up on every enemy that you come across through the levels themselves.

And we’re not just talking the enemies that run at you trying to kill you either.

No; the passive enemies in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes that are minding their own evil business have also been doubled, as have the bosses…

… yeah, talk about making this game one tough cookie to crack!

4. Mario’s Mansion

If you find yourself getting really annoyed by the fact that Luigi got his own GameCube game instead of cowering in his brother’s shadow, then you can rectify the problem by playing this Mario’s Mansion mod.

This is a really thorough mod, with everything relating to Luigi being replaced by Mario.

That’s speech, character sounds, icons; the whole works!

It’s almost like Luigi never even existed…

3. Metroid Prime: Double Trouble

Metroid Prime: Double Trouble takes the bronze medal in this list of the best GameCube ROM hacks of all time!

As you can tell from the name, this ROM hack does exactly the same as the Double Trouble hack for Metroid Prime 2: Echoes above.

This one has only ranked higher because I liked the first Metroid Prime game more than the second, that’s all!

2. F-Zero AX

Did you know that the F-Zero AX full arcade game was always hidden on the original F-Zero GX GameCube disc?

No, we didn’t either!

Apparently it was discovered back in 2013, and thanks to this F-Zero AX mod, players can skip all of the faffing around with codes and just launch the arcade version without any messing around.

I love ROM hacks that make life easier!

1. Super Mario Sunburn

Best GameCube ROM Hacks - Super Mario Sunburn

Super Mario Sunburn is the best GameCube ROM hack of all time!

That’s right folks; this epic mod of Super Mario Sunshine makes the game 10 times better and adds some exciting new features that we just would never have seen in the original title.

I’m talking about playing on Outset Island, the home of Link in The Wind Waker!

I really hate that you have to play missions in a specific order in Sunshine, and that annoying kick-out every time you complete one mission before starting the next really grinds my gears.

Those two problems no longer exist… Nintendo should have sorted that out years ago!

With more coins, more moves, and new stages, this is the version of Sunshine that we all deserve. It’s a worthy winner of our best GameCube ROM hacks compendium and a great mod to add to your gaming arsenal.

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