Barcadia Is A New Arcade Bar Coming To The UK Made By Popular Retro Influencers


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Barcadia is a new arcade bar, vegan restaurant, and hangout being opened in Norwich, UK by a handful of familiar retro game enthusiasts.

The vision behind Barcadia is to create a fun atmosphere for guests who wanna enjoy a drink, eat great food, and of course… play some awesome classic games.

They hope to fill the bar with classic arcade cabinets and bring back that magic of strolling through vintage arcade halls.

Barcadia Details


Barcadia is bring brought to us by Peter Leigh aka Nostalgia Nerd, along with Stuart Ashen aka Ashens and Daniel Brown aka Dazz (DidYouKnowGaming?).

And with the help of Samantha Whitehouse, owner of boardgame cafe Slice + Dice, to help keep things running smoothly.

The location in Norwich has already been secured, and the work has already begun to transform the space into the Barcadia dream.

It is located in the old Prince of Wales Pub location, just shouting distance from the Norwich Castle and Norwich Station.

It sounds like they already have an arcade cabinet supplier located. But the Kickstarter funding helps make that become a reality.

They also plan to offer a menu of vegan bar food and a wide range of drinks, both of the alcoholic and non-alcoholic variety.

Kickstarter Backer Rewards


An important thing to consider when backing any project on Kickstarter is what’s in it for you.

And with this being an arcade bar, it would be difficult to imagine what you might get out of backing their project. Besides seeing it come to fruition, of course.

However, the team behind Barcadia were very clear on what exactly their backers will see in return for their support.

Firstly, you can get exclusive access to behind the scenes diaries. So you can watch Barcadia come to life in real time.


And perhaps more enticing is that your name will be stamped on the wall somewhere in Barcadia for as long as it’s there. So you can go on a hunt to find your own name inside the arcade once it’s open.

You also get an exclusive invitation to the grand opening launch party with free refreshments and VIP guests.

With London just two hours away, surely some fun faces in the retro scene will pop up.

And there’s a Kickstarter exclusive that will likely have many in the central UK area backing Barcadia:

Exclusive membership cards that grant you discounts, exclusive event invitations, and of course… tokens to play the arcade games.

If you’d like to support Barcadia and help bring it to life, you can do so by checking out their Kickstarter campaign here.

Barcadia will surely be a retro gaming hotspot in the UK. And now is the best time to start showing them some love.

And you know that the team at Retro Dodo want to show our support to anybody keeping the magic of retro gaming alive.

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