AYANEO Air Plus Launches Tomorrow On Indiegogo


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AYANEO has announced that their Indiegogo campaign for their Air Plus is now in pre-launch. Which means that if you sign up with your email now, you can get an early access discount!

This is going to be the best way to get early access to the highly anticipated AMD 6800U handheld with a larger 6 inch display and improved performance.


Image Source: AYANEO

If AYANEO is good at anything, it’s making improvements. And that’s saying a lot, since their products always push the boundaries in build quality and customer service.

But their ultra powerful devices tend to suffer from some of the obvious downfalls of portable gaming PCs: console weight and battery power.

The Air Plus promises a larger screen in a lighter package. As well as the much needed longer battery life.

And the Air Plus comes in three configurations – Intel i3 1215U, AMD Mendocino, and AMD Ryzen 7 6800U. So plenty of power options depending on your use needs.

Obviously, if you plan on playing AAA games on the go, you might want that Ryzen 7. Or if you’re like me and just want a fancier way to play Tetris… go with the more affordable Intel i3.

Indiegogo Pre-Launch

Image Source: AYANEO Twitter

Whatever the package or colorway you decide to go with, the AYANEO Air Plus is going to be one of the most beautiful and premium ways to play games on the go or on your couch.

The crew here at Retro Dodo are in love with AYANEO, and we want to show them a lot of love anytime we can.

AYANEO took to Twitter today to announce that their pre-launch on Indiegogo is live here.

Drop your email and get a discount when the campaign launches. Which should be quite soon.

So get on that now!

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