brandon saltalamacchia

Brandon Saltalamacchia

I am Brandon Saltalamacchia the founder of Retro Dodo.

I was born in 1992 and it wasn’t long until I experienced my first games console, the SEGA Mega Drive in 1996, and then my first handheld, the Nintendo Gameboy Color in 1998.

Now many years later, I continue pursuing my passion by writing and making videos about all things retro gaming alongside the Retro Dodo team.

I have a long history working in the gaming industry, but took the jump to create an independent publication that entertains and educates retro gamers in 2019.


I vividly remember playing on my SEGA Mega Drive as a kid on my parents kitchen top counter with family and friends.

It was the moment that changed my life, the moment I started to truly love video games. This sparked a passion for playing games with my neighbourhood friends, it helped me start creating content in my teens, it helped me secure my first job in the gaming industry as an adult, and eventually it helped me create the very website you are on today.

I want to share my passion with like-minded folk, in an easy to consume website filled with opinions, stories and guides for retro gaming enthusiasts.

It’s also an excuse for me to play video games for “research purposes”.

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I have worked in the gaming industry for over 10 years, starting as a video producer, alongside freelancing as a retro gaming journalist.

My work can be found at GamesRadar, GamingBible, The Golden Joystick Awards, Card Gamer and I even created a book called A Handheld History with Lost in Cult that has sold tens of thousands of copies.

I have mentions from Creative Review, Gizmodo and even collaborated with one of the most well known YouTubers in the world, Casey Neistat. I have also published a book about the retro gaming history of handheld consoles in 2023 with a second on its way.

Now, I want to build Retro Dodo into the world’s best retro gaming website, packed with informative news, high-end original stories, in-depth reviews and easy to understand guides, all written by true, passionate humans.