Atari and My Arcade Announce New Products Including Gamestation Portable At CES 2024

ATARI Gamestation Portable

With the annual CES just getting started yesterday in Las Vegas, Atari and My Arcade have announced several new exciting products including the slick Atari Gamestation Portable at the 2024 event.

The first new item is not entirely new, as it is essentially just a reskin of the existing Gamestation Pro home console.

The “new” Gamestation Remix boasts 200+ preloaded games, and comes with a wireless joystick and wireless game pad.

ATARI Gamestation Remix
Image Source: Atari/My Arcade

From what we can tell, there are virtually no differences except for the outer labels on the device, now sporting the Atari 50th anniversary yellow.

With the original Gamestation Pro having a retail price of $99.99USD, we’re anticipating this new remix to also carry the same pricetag.

Today’s announcement also featured the Atari 50th anniversary Micro Player and the Atari 50th anniversary Super Player, two miniature arcade cabinets of differing sizes.

If we are gonna go arcade cabinet and Atari, we’d prefer to hop on the full-sized Atari 50th Anniversary Arcade Cabinet by Arcade1Up.

What we would really like to focus on is the exciting new handheld device revealed by Atari and My Arcade.

ATARI Gamestation Portable

ATARI Gamestation Portable
Image Source: Atari/My Arcade

Atari and My Arcade simultaneously revealed their brand new ATARI Gamestation Portable handheld device on Twitter and at the 2024 CES event.

What makes this new handheld particularly exciting is the massive 7 inch screen. Previous My Arcade handhelds tend to recycle the same form factor and utilize the less impressive 2.75 inch display.

Obviously, this new size does not put the ATARI Gamestation Portable in pocket-friendly territory. If you’re looking for pocketability, you still have the original Pocket Player line from My Arcade.

This new handheld is much better served for comfortable couch or airplane game play.

The new Atari/My Arcade collaboration has appropriately dropped the “pocket” moniker, and is now titled the Atari Gamestation Portable.

So we’re expecting this new device to feature pretty much everything you get in the Gamestation home console, just in portable form.

The HDMI out functionality also means we can connect the Gamestation Portable to our televisions, making it both a portable and home console.

ATARI Gamestation Portable
Image Source: Atari/My Arcade

Perhaps even more exciting than the new large display are the built in “paddle” and “trak-ball” controls, simulating original Atari peripherals.

This is something entirely unique to any current generation handheld device and are great reason to check this new handheld out.

When Can We Expect To Get Out Hands On One?

ATARI Gamestation Portable
Image Source: Retro Handhelds Twitter

This extra large Atari handheld was present at the 2024 CES event, so fans in Las Vegas were able to check it out in person before the Twitter announcement.

It did appear to be locked behind a glass display, so we don’t know if anybody had the opportunity to try out the paddle and trak-ball controls.

A tweet from Retro Handhelds mentions that the new device has a tentative Q4 release. So we’ve got a bit of time before we will be able to try out those unique controls ourselves.

But needless to say, this device falls right in our wheelhouse, and we’re eager to see more. And to also find out the retail price.

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