Analogue Pocket Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Support Coming Soon

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If you’re as much of an Analogue Pocket fan as us, then buckle up. Analogue Pocket Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Support is reportedly on its way very soon!

This handheld is already a jack and master of all trades. With support for DMG, GBC and GBA games as well as other consoles via cartridge adapters, players can relive their favourite games handheld anytime, anywhere.

Recently, we’ve all heard about the work put into making SNES games on the Analogue Pocket a reality.

And if you love Sonic more than Mario or prefer Knuckles to Donkey Kong, then the Sega support will undoubtedly feel like your birthday has come early.

The news comes straight from Developer Eric Lewis’ Twitter feed. We’ve seen a video of the core he’s made for the Analogue Pocket in action, and now you can check it out too!

He admits that it isn’t quite ready yet, and that at the minute it’s only NTSC videos that are working.

But still, it’s a start and a positive step in the right direction!

The recent V1.1 update for the Analogue Pocket has allowed FPGA devs to start tinkering with porting over cores into the handheld. With The SNES and Neo Geo ticked off the list, it looks like Genesis/Mega Drive cores are next up.

Eric stipulates that 32X games would likely need another core. Still, could this mean we might see SG-1000 games and more in the pipeline too?

Let us know which of the best Sega Genesis games you would like to play on the Analogue Pocket over on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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