All Psychic Pokemon From Every Pokemon Game

If you’re looking to build a team that specialises in Psychic attacks, then you’ll need this all Psychic Pokemon list in order to brush up on who’s who!

We’ve compiled a list of every Psychic Pokemon from every Pokemon game thus far, and we’ll be updating it with every new title.

Take a look at every mind-bending, force-wielding Pokemon from the entire series here and pick your favourites!

N.B – This list is in alphabetical order and not Pokemon number order. Some evolutions may appear away from their counterparts as a result.

Table of Contents

1. Abra

All psychic pokemon - Abra

Abra kicks off our all psychic Pokemon list, the docile looking first evolution of Kadabra and Alakazam. It’ll teleport to safety when it is in a pickle and is a master when it comes to confusing its opponents.

2. Alakazam/Mega Alakazam

With moves like Psychic, Future Sight, and Psyshock, this spoon-wielding behemoth is a powerful addition to any team.

Base stat HP Attack and Defense are poor whether it’s the OG or Mega Alakazam, but both excel with Sp. Attack, Sp. Defence & Speed, with Mega Alakazam rocking up a whopping 175 Sp. Attack!

3. Arceus (Psychic)

All psychic pokemon - Arceus

Arceus is a bit of a big deal; it’s got its on Pokemon game named after it, after all!

This Pokemon is pretty much older than time itself, kicking around before the universe was even a thought in the creators eye.

Wait; is Arceus the creator?

Arceus is only Psychic in Pokemon Go; it’s a Normal-type Pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus!

4. Armarouge

Amarouge is the Fire and Psychic evolution of Charcadet, with Ceruledge being the Fire and Ghost type alternative.

Using special armour imbued by Psychic energy and the flames of battle, this Pokemon is a serious force to be reckoned with. Armor Canon and Expanding Force are two incredible moves that you don’t want to be on the receiving end of!

5. Galarian Articuno

All psychic pokemon - galarian Articuno

Galarian Articuno looks a little shifty, doesn’t it? That’s because it’s a Psychic master as well as a Flying type Pokemon.

As opposed to the Ice & Flying variant we all know, this version has feathers brimming with Psychic power.

Instead of wielding tonnes of Ice Moves, you’ll be solidifying enemies with Freezing Glare instead. Dream Eater and Future Sight accompany some TM Ice moves like Blizzard and Ice Beam, making Galarian Articuno an all round battle monster to crush multiple Pokemon types.

6. Azelf

All psychic pokemon - Azelf

Azelf is up next in our all Psychic Pokemon list. The Willpower Pokemon, this little creature helps to keep things in balance and keeps people feeling optimistic about their lives.

What a great and important job right?

Psychic and Mystical Power make this little critter strong on the battle field too, so make sure you don’t get on its wrong side!

7. Baltoy

Baltoy might look like a little spinning top… and technically it is. But, this Psychic and Ground Pokemon has some slick moves up its odd-little sleeves.

Extrasensory and Earth Power are choice moves to pull out when you’re in a pinch, both with high power and 100 accuracy.

That’s the last time i’ll diss a spinning top!

8. Beheeyem

All psychic pokemon - beheeyem

I guess with a big head like that, it shouldn’t be any surprise that Beheeyem has ‘Zen Headbutt’ high up in its move list. Add Psychic into the mix and no one will stand in the way of your big noggin!

Sticking with the head theme, this guy messes with your memories and sometimes steals Dubwools!

9. Beldum

What is Beldum? Well, it’s essentially an Iron Ball Pokemon and is the first evolution of Metagross which you’ll be seeing when we get down the ‘M’ section.

It converses and is essentially fully powered by magnetic forces. And while it only knows how to tackle, you can teach it Zen Headbutt with a TR in Sword & Shield.

10. Hisuian Braviary

All psychic pokemon - Hisuian Braviary

If you’re walking around Hisui and Braviary comes flying towards you, then just lay down and hope for a quick and easy death.

Like Galarian Articuno, this variant swaps out ‘Normal’ for Psychic, but weirdly doesn’t add in a bunch of Psychic moves.

The only Psychic addition that can be learnt through training comes in Legends: Arceus in the form of Esper Wing.

So, Psychic by name but not as much by nature!

11. Bronzong

Let’s welcome Bronzong into this all Psychic Pokemon compendium. The bringer of rain and a big ‘ol bell that likes to cause as much chaos as possible, Bronzong is the final evolution of Bronzor, the little critter below.

Obviously Extra Sensory is going to be up there in the list of powerful moves a Bronze Bell is going to make, and Future Sight is there to finish your enemies off!

12. Bronzor

All psychic pokemon - Bronzor

Bronzor kind of looks like an old coin that someone dug up using a metal detector. To be fair, they are often found in tombs, so I might not be too far off!

Don’t try to spend it though, or else you’ll be in a world of pain!

13. Bruxish

Bruxish is one strange looking Pokemon, but I guess it would make me not want to eat it, so that’s in its favour.

Don’t let those lips fool you; this Gnash Teeth Pokemon has Psychic Fangs that tear through the opposition. Synchronise is another powerful move to watch out for too!

14. Calyrex (normal, ice, shadow rider)

All psychic pokemon - Calryex

It’s time for three forms of Calyrex to enter all all Psychic Pokemon list. This guy first arrived in the expansion for Sword and Shield and announced itself as a leader of the Galar Region long ago.

Once you reunite it with its horse, you can choose to go for either a Psychic/Ice combo or a Psychic/Ghost combo.

While Spectrier looks cooler, Glastrier has better attack stats that make things easier in battle.

15. Celebi

Celebi doesn’t look like it could hurt a fly, right?

Still, with 600 stats, this Time Travel Pokemon really packs a serious punch and has some incredible stats, rocking up 100 in each stat across the board.

Travelling through time, it tends to only show up when the world is in balance and at peace. So, if Azelf is doing its job, then you should see Celebi a lot!

16. Chimecho

All psychic pokemon - Chimecho

Chimecho looks a little like a rusty toilet brush, but I don’t think the Pokemon Company has run out of that many ideas that they’ve had to go to those extremes yet.

It’s actually a wind chime and evolves from the bell-shaped Pokemon Chingling which you’ll be seeing next.

Ominous Wind, Extra Sensory, and the Ghost move Ominous Wind are some hard hitters you definitely want in your arsenal.

17. Chingling

Chingling definitely looks like something you would see on your Christmas tree, right? As the smaller evolution of Chimecho, this little guy doesn’t have amazing stats, but it still has some cool moves to pull out of the bag.

I guess it hold a bag in that little hand right?

Confusion, Hypnosis, and Extra Sensory are the only Psychic moves it learns naturally. Teach it Zen Headbutt, however, and it no longer becomes as cute-looking!

18. Claydol

All psychic pokemon - Claydol

Claydoll is weird, but it’s not even the weirdest creature in this list by any stretch of the imagination. It’s the final evolution of Baltoy and, while not a spinning top, is an old statue that was found thousands and thousands of years ago.

And yeah, all those eyes make it proper creepy.

Self-destruct would probably make it look better, but if you want to keep it alive, Psybeam is a great move to use!

19. Cosmoem

Cosmoem looks like a Pokemon that Tim Peaks would be keen on finding. The only stats worth looking at are its insane Defence stats at 131 for both Defence and Sp. Defence. The rest are too painful to talk about.

It doesn’t actually have any moves to attack with either, so I guess you’ll have to wait for Solgaleo or Lunala to get some cool action!

20. Cosmog

All psychic pokemon - Cosmog

Cosmog is the starting evolution before Cosmoem, and it has even fewer moves to get excited about than its older sibling.

Splash and Teleport are the only moves this guy can manage. Training it up is going to be a bit of a chore, right?

21. Cresselia

Cresselia is the final ‘C’ pokemon in our all Psychic Pokemon list. it’s supposed to bring connotations of the moon, a fact that is further enforced by Moon Blast, Moon Light, Lunar Blessing and Lunar Dance in its move set!

22. Darmanitan (Zen Mode)

All psychic pokemon - Darmanitan

Get ready for four different Darmanitan versions here. From left to right, we’re looking at Darmanitan, Zen Darmanitan, Galarian Darmanitan, and Galarian Zen Darmanitan.

That was a bit hard to write!

The only Psychic type here, however, is Darmanitan in Zen Mode. That’s the stone-looking chap on the bottom left. During this meditative state, it becomes both Fire and Psychic type, using it’s newly created peace to harness Psychic powers!

23. Delphox

Delphox could definitely moonlight in the next Fantastic Mr. Fox film.

Fennekin and Braixen are both just Fire type Pokemon, but their final evolution gets the Psychic touch too in a dual-type set-up.

Psybeam, Psyshock, and Psychic teamed up with Flamethrower and Fire Blast make Delphox a formidable opponent, even though it only seems to be carrying a tiny twig as a weapon.

24. Deoxys (normal attack defense and speed)

All psychic pokemon - Deoxys

Now Deoxys is one seriously cool looking Pokemon. Whether in Normal, Attack, Defence, or Speed Formes, this Pokemon is a stellar Psychic fighter that, depending on which stats you value most, can really plug gaps in your team.

Normal has great attack and Speed as it is, with the Attack Forme adding 30 to Attack and Sp. Attack and subtracting 30 from Defence stats.

Speed Forme has the best ‘all-round’ stats across the board, but Defence Form looks like the robot sentry that we all dreamed of having as a kid, so it’s still hard for me to pick a favourite!

25. Dottler

How cute is Dottler? I actually prevented mine from evolving into Orbeetle because I thought it looked so cool!

It doesn’t learn as many moves as Orbeetle naturally, but you can teach it all the main powerful Psychic Moves via TR, so it’s pretty easy to turn it into a lean-mean-fighting-machine anyway!

26. Drowzee

All psychic pokemon - Drowzee

It’s time to add an OG Psychic Pokemon into the mix, the starter evolution of Hypno – Drowzee.

The amount of moves this guy can learn is insane. Psychic, Fighting, Grass, Ice, Fire, Ghost, Fairy, Dark, Electric; Drowzee can learn them all and more!

27. Duosion

Duosion is a sneaky little fellow, with Wonder Room, Skill Share, and Ally Switch making things tough in battle.

Future Sight and Zen Headbutt are two of its hardest hitters, so make sure they’re high up on the moves wish list!

28. Elgyem

All psychic pokemon - Elygem

Elgyem looks a lot like Marvin the Paranoid Android from Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, though it’s a little more offensive than the depressed robot we know and love.

And if you think that you recognise that massive head, then you’d be right. This is the first evolution of Beheeyem, and it has Calm Mind, Expanding Force, and lots of other exciting moves stored in that big brain!

29. Espathra

Espathra looks a little like something that you might find in a pantomime or hiding in a weird washing pile. It’s an odd creature, I’m not going to lie.

But then again, would you expect anything else from a Psychic Ostrich that can use Disarming Voice or Psybeam?

30. Espeon

All psychic pokemon - Espeon

Espeon is up next, the Psychic evolution of Eevee. It looks a little like something that you might see in the maze with the Triwizard Tournament in the Goblet of Fire.

By creating a high friendship with your Eevee and evolving in the Daytime, you can turn everyones favourite little Evolution master into a Psychic warrior.

The usual trio of Psychic, Future Sight and Psybeam join moves like Trick Room, Psychic Terrain, and Calm Mind.

31. Espurr

Espurr evolves into either a male or female Meowstic. It looks a little lost in its base evolution, but apparently it’s just concentrating to not let out all of the unbridled psychic energy in its brain tank.

So it’s more of a psychopathic stare then anything else I guess…

32. Exeggcute

All psychic pokemon - Exeggcute

Let’s have a couple of OG Pokemon from Red and Blue entering into our all Psychic Pokemon list!

I wouldn’t want to try and crack one of these for my breakfast! And the weird thing about this Pokemon is that even if one of the shells is cracked, the contents on the inside won’t spill out.

There always has to be 6 of them too, that’s the main rule!

33. Exeggutor

While Alolan Exeggutor is massive and looks like an absolute monster, it’s only the original Exeggutor that has that all-important Psychic type to make it into this list.

How is this odd tree actually a Psychic type Pokemon anyway?

Well, each head can use telepathy to speak to other Exeggutes and join a cluster if it falls off the tree. So I guess it has some secret mind juju going on that means it can use Psyschock as well as Wood Hammer; a mighty combo!

34. Farigiraf

All psychic pokemon - Fairigraf

Yes, that is a giraffe in what looks like a scarf matched with Dead Maus’ hat.

That hat is actually the head from the tail of it’s base evolution Girafarig, and then the tail and the head are combined this Pokemon’s psychic ability is increased tenfold!

35. Flittle

Flittle doesn’t look like it could mould your mind, does it?

Would it also surprise you if I said that it was the base evolution of Espathra too? At least now it explains all those layers and that odd pantomime vibe right?

It can use Psybeam, so don’t be thinking that it can’t hold its own in a fight, however. This little fabric bun-looking thing can really pack a punch!

36. Gallade/Mega Gallade

All psychic pokemon - Gallade

Enter Gallade and Mega Gallade, one possible option of evolving a Kirlia through using a Dawn Stone.

Gallade is a Psychic and Fighting type Pokemon, with Mega Gallade bringing in 100 more stats than its Normal Forme, updating Defence and Attack and Speed but still keeping a pretty poor HP.

I wouldn’t want to tell it that though, those arms look like they could slice pretty well!

37. Gardevoir/Mega Gardevoir

Gardevoir is the other alternative variant when evolving a Kirlia through normal methods at Lv. 30.

Rather than being a fighter, Gardevoir and Mega Gardevoir use their psychic powers to attack opponents and protect their trainers.

I mean you, not their new pair of Yeezys!

38. Girafarig

All psychic pokemon - Girafarig

There’s that odd-little tail that I mentioned back when I was talking about Fairigraf. That little head keeps watch on potential dangers while it’s sleeping, which while creepy is actually pretty damn useful.

That tail does look a little like a chain chomp which makes me think the designers might have been playing Super Mario 64 at the time of making it, but I guess they couldn’t possibly comment on that!

39. Gothita

Gothita looks a little like if Betty Boop became a Pokemon and decided not to change back. She’s the first evolution in the Gothitelle line, and you’re about to met their siblings as well!

40. Gothitelle

All psychic pokemon - Gothitelle

Gothitelle is the end evolution of Gothita’s line, and she looks like the most serious person, Pokemon… thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

I guess she stays at home listening to Cradle of Filth all night long and doesn’t spend much time attacking, but Future Sight and Magic Room will make swift work of opponents when she does!

41. Gothorita

Gothorita definitely looks like my mate Steph. I reckon she’d take this as a compliment and not be too angry, so that’s all good.

It’s a sneaky Pokemon that leads both humans and Pokemon astray, so watch out if you come across one on a night out!

42. Grumpig

All psychic pokemon - Grumpig

Grumpig doesn’t look all that grumpy to me, but then again, it might be because it’s already done it’s sneaky psychic dance and taken over my mind.

It’s described as a ‘manipulation Pokemon’. Maybe it should have been called ‘Gaslightpig’ instead.

43. Hatenna

Not to be confused with the popular village with Robbie’s tech lab in Breath of the Wild, Hatenna (not Hateno) looks like it has a hard time doing anything, never mind just seeing through its weird old fringe.

Well, as a ‘Calm Pokemon’, it only comes towards people who aren’t stressed out, angry, or violent. So, I guess it won’t be coming anywhere near me when I’m playing Pokemon then!

44. Hatterene

All psychic pokemon - Hattarene

Hatterene is the next Pokemon in our all Psychic Pokemon list, and it’s the final evolution in Hatenna’s evolution.

It can sense emotions and generally doesn’t like people walking into its territory. Sometimes known as the Forest Witch or Raging Goddess, it isn’t a Pokemon you want to get on the wrong side of!

45. Hattrem

Hattrem looks a little more cutesy than it’s final evolution above, but it still doesn’t like a lot of loud noises or angry emotions.

You see those tentacles on its head? They’re for smashing you into the ground like a tent peg…

46. Hoopa Confined/Unbound

All psychic pokemon - Hoopa

Hoopa Confined (left) might look like a small and pretty insignificant Pokemon, but it racks up a total of 600 base stats across the board. That’s very impressive to say that the mammoth Hoopa Unbound (right) has a total of 680.

It uses its hoops to take things away to secret locations so it can pilfer and plunge. It’s kind of like a Psychic magpie that warps space and time, which is a cool idea for a book character.

47. Hypno

We all recognise this pendulum swinging, Jacobean Ruff wearing Pokemon, right? Hypno is the final evolution of Drowzee and has some serious psychic abilities to hand.

As the name might suggest, Hypnosis and Confusion are two of Hypno’s main moves. I wouldn’t want to fall asleep with one of these guys around, though sadly you don’t tend to get to have a choice in the matter!

48. Indeedee Male/Female

All psychic pokemon - Indeedee

Indeed looks very similar in both male and female forms; you’ve just got to look for a few subtle differences. In the male version (left) its hair is stuck up in horns, and it has blue triangles around its eyes.

The female Indeed has a white stomach, horns that look like hair, and burgundy triangles above its eyes.

That’s confusing indeed, Indeedee!

49. Inkay

Inkay looks super cute, right? It’s hard to believe that this little critter evolves into the brutal-looking Malamar, isn’t it?

It’s a Dark and Psychic Pokemon, which means that it can pull moves like Foul Play and Psycho Cut out of the bag whenever it gets cornered!

50. Iron Leaves

All psychic Pokemon - Iron Leaves

Iron Leaves is a bit of an enigma alright. It’s a Grass & Psychic type Pokemon that came into being in Pokemon Violet, and not much is really known about it!

We did do a guide on how to get Iron Leaves in Pokemon Vioelt, so if you want to start wielding Psyblade and Solar Blade, then jump right in!

51. Jirachi

Jirachi looks like a Zora, right? Maybe this could be some long lost relation to Ruto or even Prince Sidon?

Don’t be expecting this little critter to get bigger either as it doesn’t actually evolve. It does, however, have 600 base stats across the board, with 100 for each of its individual stats.

52. Jynx

All psychic pokemon - Jynx

Jynx topped our list of the ugliest Pokemon around. I know that’s a little harsh, but it’s also kind of true (sorry, Jynx).

It moves in a hypnotic way that tends to put people into a trance, and then strikes with powerful moves like Lovely Kiss, Psychic, and Blizzard.

Add Dream Eater into the mix, and I’m suddenly regretting calling Jynx ugly at all!

53. Kadabra

We’ve had Abra and Alakazam, but we’ve had to wait all the way until K to get down to the middle evolution in the set.

Kadabra was banned from the Pokemon TCG for a whopping 22 years after Uri Geller claimed that it was based on him… the less said about that the better.

54. Kirlia

All psychic pokemon - Kirlia

Kirlia is the Pokemon that potential trainers can either turn into Gallade or Gardevoir depending on their preference.

Like a puppy, it’s really connected to its trainer. If you’re happy, then your Kirlia will be ecstatic and do a happy little dance.

In the game, of course – these things aren’t real before anyone questions whether I have gone insane.

55. Latias/Mega Latias

Latias and Mega Latias are up next in our all Psychic Pokemon list. This Psychic & Dragon type Pokemon is a force to be reckoned with whether in its normal or Mega Forme, gaining 100 extra base stats when it Mega Evolves.

Dream Eater and Draco Meteor are two of the moves you’re going to want to have in your arsenal when going into battle to cause maximum damage!

56. Latios/Mega Latios


We’ve just had the female Latias, now make way for Latios!

Its overall stat total is the same in both cases, but its individual stats change marginally between genders, with Latios having more Sp. Attack and Latias having better Sp. Defence.

57. Lugia

Lugia is an absolute monster, bringing home 680 base stats across the board from the off. I mean, those things are wings but they look like gigantic hands, for crying out loud!

It has to hang out on the sea bed for most of its time because it’s just too darn powerful. Imagine if that was you and you couldn’t leave your house because people would just faint with awe – Lugia has it tough!

58. Lunala

All psychic pokemon - Lunala

Remember the strange little Cosmoem from back up in the C section? Well, if you evolve it in Moon or Ultra Moon, you’ll get a Lunala.

It also looks a bit like Jack Skellington from A Nightmare Before Christmas too!

This weird bat-looking Pokemon can call forth presences from other worlds and loves the moon. Moonblast, Phantom Force, Dream Eater – they’re all available for you to devour your enemies.

59. Lunatone

All psychic pokemon - Malamar

Lunatone doesn’t evolve. It’s just a moon, which must have been an easy day for the designers, right?

Those weird red eyes can send people to sleep with one stare, leaving opponents open to Psychic, Stone Edge, and Future Sight.

60. Malamar

Malamar is up next in our all Psychic Pokemon list, and it looks like the shadiest Pokemon of all time. I wouldn’t trust this thing even if it was on my own team!

Inkay becomes this behemoth at Level 30 in Pokemon Go, but you’ve got to hold your phone upside down while evolving it. I know, it’s weird, but it’s true!

Superpower, Foul Play, and Psycho Cut are some of its strongest moves to pull out in battle, though to be honest I reckon most people would just run the other way straight away!

61. Medicham/Mega Medicham

Let’s make way for Medicham and Mega Medicham now!

This meditation Pokemon gains an extra 100 base stats overall when it, upping its stats to 100 in Attack and Speed and gaining some yoga-esque scarves in the process.

It looks and feels a little like those twin dancers in Majora’s Mask, one for the ultimate Zelda nerds our there.

62. Meditite

All psychic pokemon - Meditite

Meditite looks a bit angrier than me when I’m meditating, and weirdly for such a peaceful dude it’s actually a Fighting and Psychic type Pokemon. It trains in mountains and only eats one piece of fruit a day, sharpening its mind.

No wonder it’s angry; the lad’s hungry!

63. Meloetta (Aria/Pirouette)

Meloetta (in Aria and Pirouette Forme) is up next in our all Psychic Pokemon list. The main difference apart from looks is that Aria Forme (left) focuses on Sp. Attack and Defence, whereas Pirouette (right) focuses on Physical Attack and Speed.

It’s also said that they’ve provided the hooks for many famous songs. I wonder if they influenced the Pokemon theme tune?

64. Meowstic

All psychic pokemon - Meowstic

Meowstic, whether male (left) or female (right) evolves from the strange-little Espurr that we say back in the E section. They don;’t quite have the same thousand-yard stare that Espurr has, but they still look a little shifty!

With a mixture of Normal and Psychic moves, this is one cat you won’t want to stroke while sleeping!

65. Mesprit

Mespirit doesn’t evolve. It’s just this odd looking for all of its life, which probably means that it won’t get eaten by other Pokemon at least.

I’ve given Mespirit a bit of a bad rap there because it’s actually a Pokemon that taught us humans how to feel emotions. I guess this guy has had a lot to answer for for all of us over the years, right?

66. Metagross/Mega Metagross

All psychic pokemon - Metagross

Metagross and Mega Metagross are steel and Psychic Pokemon, rocking in at 600 and 700 base stats respectively.

Mega Metagross has a whopping 145 and 150 base Attack and Defence too; nothing’s stopping this thing in its tracks!

67. Metang

Still, they wouldn’t be anywhere without Beldum and it’s next evolution, Metang.

Two Beldums make a Metang, which means this guy has two brains and twice the psychic power. It’s a Steel and Psychic Pokemon, so expect its Defence to skyrocket with moves like Iron Defence and watch out for Meteor Mash pummelling you into the ground!

68. Mewtwo (Mega X & Y)

All psychic pokemon - Mewtwo

This next guy shouldn’t be a surprise to any of you. First dropping as a legendary Pokemon to obtain after beating the Elite Four in Pokemon Red & Blue, Mewtwo gave us some amazing base stats and a Sp. Attack of 154 that could pretty much floor everyone.

Things got even more brutal when Mega Mewtwo X (far left) and Y (far right) came onto the scene.

Mega Mewtwo X is dual Psychic and Fighting and has a whopping 190 Attack, wheres Y is just purely Psychic and has an Sp. Attack of 194!

69. Mime Jr.

Yep, Mr Mime now has a base evolution – Mime Jr!

I’m not going to lie, Mime Jr is a little useless. It has super poor Attack and Defence and doesn’t even manage to mimic its foes very well either! It just tries its best and then runs away, which while smart probably isn’t that effective!

70. Mr. Mime/Galarian Mr Mime

All psychic pokemon - Mr Mime

Mr. Mime and Galarian Mr Mime take the 70th spot in our all Psychic Pokemon List, and they both bring 460 base stats to the table.

While Kanto Mr Mime (left) is a Psychic and Fairy dual type Pokemon, Galarian Mr Mime is Psychic and Ice. Both are a little lacklustre when it comes to Attack and Defence but shine in Sp. Attack and Defence.

And yes, they like to mime a lot. It’s in the name, after all!

71. Mr Rime

Not only does Mr Mime have a base evolution, but Sword and Shield brought about new evolution for our favourite wall-imagining friend.

Mr Rime is a tap-dancing Pokemon that Galarian Mr Mime evolves into. It’s a bit of a comedian but can emit attacks from its belly when the feeling takes it.

Icy Wind, Psybeam, and Freeze Dry are some of it’s more popular moves, assumedly for when its audience get a little too close!

72. Munna

All psychic pokemon - Munna

What is Munna? It looks like a cross between an elephant and a cushion, but it’s actually a Dream Eater Pokemon that goes straight for your brain.

That sounds harsh, but it actually just noms down on your dreams and takes nightmares away. So, all in all it’s not a bad guy!

73. Musharna

And Munna evolves into Musharna when trainers use a Moon Stone. It looks a little snoozy, probably from all of the dreams that it eats.

See that plume of pink smoke – it emits that when it eats a nice dream. Don’t wake it up either because it’ll get super grumpy.

I think we all know someone like that!

74. Natu

All psychic pokemon - Natu

Natu is small, isn’t it. It’s actually referred to as a ‘Tiny Bird Pokemon’, so I guess there’s no surprises there!

You’ll mostly be using Peck and Stored Power with Natu, biding your time until it turns into Xatu at Level 25.

And I have a strong feeling that Xatu is going to be the last Pokemon in our list with it starting with an X!

75. Necrozma/Dusk Mane Necrozma/Dawn Wings Necrozma/Ultra Necrozma)

Let’s get full into Necrozma’s and check out all its Formes!

Necrozma is a Prism Pokemon and is Psychic through and through. From left to right, we have the Dusk Mane forme which is Steel and Psychic, the Dawn Wings Forme which is Ghost and Psychic, and finally Ulta Necrozma which is Dragon and Psychic.

Obviously all the versions of Necrozma are powerful, but Ultra Necrozma has a whopping 154 more base stats total than the original Forme.

And it’s a shiny dragon, so what more is there to know!

76. Oranguru

All psychic pokemon - Oranguru

Oranguru looks a lot like it could be ab extra in Planet of the Apes. It’s a chilled simian that is incredibly wise.

If you’re not an experienced trainer, then Oranguru won’t give you the time of day. It saves itself for trainers that know what they’re doing and spends its time passing on its wisdom to other Pokemon.

77. Orbeetle

Orbeetle is what your Dottler evolves into. I told you Dottler was a lot cuter, right?

This guy is an absolute beast of a bug – its shell is now its brain, and look at the size of it. It’s psychic power is unbridled, so watch out if you come across it in the forest!

78. Oricorio

All psychic pokemon - Oricorio

There are four Oricorio styles. From the Yellow bird at the top going clockwise, we’ve got Pom-Pom style, Sensu style, Pa’u style and Baile style.

They’re all Oricorio, but only the Pink Pa’u style is Psychic. It sways like it’s Hula dancing, lulls people into a false sense of security, and then attacks with Aerial Ace. It can also use psychic attacks like Agility to up its speed stat!

79. Galarian Ponyta

Galarian Ponyta is different from Kanto Ponyta in the sense that it has not a Pokemon abilities but is solely a Psychic Pokemon. It looks more like a fairy cloud than anything else and can pull out some gnarly Psychic moves.

Does it look as scary as Kanto Ponyta – no. It’s more like something you might have prancing around a meadow of gumdrops than going into battle, but it still packs a punch!

80. Rabsca

All psychic pokemon - Rabsca

Rabsca is a bit of a weird critter alright. This Psychic dung beetle doesn’t have many amazing stats, but it can pull out neat moves like Psychic and Bug Buzz.

Psybeam and Gunk Shot are two other attacks you should definitely have in your arsenal too if you want to get ahead and win big!

81. Alolan Raichu

Yes, Alolan Raichu is in fact a Psychic Pokemon. It’s charged up with telekinetic powers and can float allowed on its tail.

Apparently it’s Psychic because of its change in diet – I wonder what kind of weird old berries it’s been eating to get to this stage!

82. Ralts

All psychic pokemon - Ralts

It’s funny how many of these first evolution Psychic Pokemon look a little overwhelmed. Though I suppose when you’ve got a lot of powerful Psychic energy flowing about inside you that you don’t know what to do with, then there’s no real surprise!

Ralts feels emotions very deeply – looks like it could do with having a chat with Mespirit!

83. Galarian Rapidash

Yes, Rapidash is now a unicorn too. Galarian Rapidash definitely looks like it’s jumped out of the My Little Pony franchise, though that horn definitely looks like it could cause some damage.

It has exactly the same base stats as its fiery counterpart but boasts Psychic and Fairy type abilities instead of being a Fire Pokemon.

84. Reuniclus

All psychic pokemon - Reuniclus

Just what is this? I swear these characters keep getting odder as we get through this all Psychic Pokemon list!

Reuniclus has big arms that it moves using its strong psychic energy. I imagine it’s what would happen if you introduced a an amoeba to an energy drink, with the toxic liquid around it providing wisdom to Reuniclus but danger to everyone else.

85. Scream Tail

Scream Tail looks suspiciously Jigglypuff, but it’s meant to only resemble said Pokemon from ‘a billion years ago’.

I’m not being funny, but I can remember catching Jigglypuff while playing Pokemon Red and that definitely wasn’t a billion years ago, so I’m not sure what’s going on there!

Still, Scream Tail has some great moves like Psychic Terrain and Psychic Fangs to pull out in battle, so don’t wait around looking at it and saying ‘that looks like Jigglypuff’ for too long, otherwise you’ll be toast!

86. Sigilyph

All psychic pokemon - Sigilyph

These odd little Sigilyphs look a little like the new Soldier Constructs from Tears of the Kingdom. They also protected an ancient civilisation too, just using strong psychic attacks instead of attaching a boulder to a stick!

With Sky Attack and Expanding Force in its back catalogue, I reckon they did a pretty good job of stopping people from getting into that ancient city too!

87. Silvally

Sivally is up next in our all Psychic Pokemon list, a Pokemon that can actually be any type, which is why I’ve chosen to show it in its ‘Normal Forme’. Psychic Silvally can be made by using the item Psychic Memory!

88. Slowbro/Mega Slowbro/Galarian Slowbro)

All psychic pokemon - Slowbro

We all recognise Slowbro in the middle of this picture, but some of you might be less familiar with his Mega (left) and Galarian (right) Formes.

Mega Slowbro has a mega (goes with the name) Defence stat of 180. I guess it is hiding in a shell, so that makes sense.

And, while Slowbro and Mega Slowbro are Water and Psychic-type Pokemon, Galarian Slowbro is Psychic and Poison!

89. Slowking/Galarian Slowking

Slowking and Galarian Slowking are up next, Water & Psychic and Poison & Psychic respectively. Their stats are very similar to each other, both with 490 base stats.

To make standard Slowpoke into Slow King, you’ve got to trade it while holding a Kings Rock. To turn Galarian Slowpoke into Galarian Slowking, just use a Galarica Wreath!

90. Slowpoke/Galarian Slowpoke

All psychic pokemon - Slowpoke

And here they are, Slowpoke and Galarian Slowpoke in the flesh! The Galarian version looks even more lazy!

While good-old-fashioned Slowpoke is Water and Psychic, Galarian Slowbro is just Psychic critter. it’s pretty chilled most of the time but can have moments of ‘sharpness’ when it needs to. Though they are pretty few and far between!

91. Smoochum

Smoochum is the base evolution of Jynx, first dropping back on Pokemon Gold and Silver. It uses those big ol’ lips to test everything, so it’s probably been stuck to glass in the winter time a couple of times in its life!

92. Solgaleo

All psychic pokemon - Solgaleo

Solgaleo is an absolute beast of a Pokemon. With 680 base stats, this Psychic and Steel evolution of Cosmoem is definitely going to make waves at the top of your team roster.

Flare Blitz, Solar Beam, Wild Charge, Zen Headbutt – the list of epic moves goes on. In my opinion, Solgaleo is the main reason why Pokemon Sun and Ultra Sun are better than Moon and Ultra Moon – it’s just so cool!

93. Solosis

We’ve seen Duosion and Reuniclus, but we’ve not seen the first evolution in the chain until now. Enter Solosis, a Cell Pokemon with a mad Sp. Attack for such a low level Pokemon.

We’re talking 105 when its Physical Attack stat is 30!

That’s a seriously powerful Psychic Pokemon right there for something that essentially looks like a pea!

94. Solrock

All psychic pokemon - Solrock

Like Lunatone, Solrock must have been a breeze for the Pokemon designers to whip up. It’s supposed to have dropped from space and emits a bright light.

I wouldn’t want to be on the other edge of Stone Edge or Psychic, or Flare Blitz for that matter, a move with 120 damage that it knows from Level 1!

95. Spoink

This bouncy pouncy Pokemon has been taking tips from Tigger the Tiger. I guess pigs do have curly tails, but this Psychic pal takes things to the extremes!

Weirdly, it needs to bounce to stay alive. I’m not sure how it sleeps, but if there are any Pokefans out there who know then let us know on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

96. Starmie

All psychic pokemon - Starmie

This annoying critter wields Psybeam and Hydro Pump like an absolute devil. It can even wield Dream Eater on sleeping Pokemon!

I’m calling Starmie annoying because of how much it annoyed me back in the day when trying to go up against Misty with my Charmander, and I don’t think those wounds will ever stop hurting!

97. Swoobat

Swoobat is the final evolution of Woobat who you will be seeing later on for sure. It came 7th on our list of the best Bat Pokemon, so don’t be expecting great things from it.

Still, it can cause some serious confusion with Supersonic and finishes them off with Psycho Cut!

98. Tapu Lele

All psychic pokemon - Tapu Lele

Tapu Lele is up next on our all Psychic Pokemon list, a devilishly cruel Pokemon that, while looking like butter wouldn’t melt, is a guiltless fiend.

So, exactly the kind of Pokemon you want on your team then, yeah?

It’s a Fairy and Psychic type Pokemon, so expect moves like Nature’s Madness and Magic Room to make an appearance in battle.

99. Unown

I still don’t really know what Unown is. It’s a symbol that looks like a hieroglyph, so I imagine it spends its time hanging out in pyramids and jumping out on unsuspecting tourists.

It doesn’t evolve and has one move, Hidden Power.

Not one for the top of your team, then?

100. Uxie

All psychic pokemon - Uxie

Uxie is the 100th character in our all Psychic Pokemon list. It looks a little like Mespirit but spreads knowledge instead of emotions.

I reckon it should come and have a visit to my friendship group for a couple of hours!

What moves can it pull out? Mystical Power, Future Sight, and Psychic should do the trick!

101. Veluza

We’re on the final stretch now with Veluza, a Pokemon that looks a lot like Clanker from Banjo-Kazooie!

This mad Pokemon gets rid of skin it doesn’t need to make it go faster. Can you imagine witnessing that happening; I think it would be enough to make all of your Pokemon jump back inside their Pokeballs!

102. Victini

All psychic pokemon - victini

Psychic & Fire Pokemon Victini is one of those epic critters that comes with 100 for each of its 6 base stats. Catch one of these and you’re seriously in the money.

It has slightly more Fire moves than Psychic, but it’s said to always bring victory in battle.

103. Wobbuffet

Wobbuffet always makes me laugh; it just looks like it would be a great Pokemon to hang out with. And it has an incredible HP too – 190 base stat with a maximum of 584!

The rest of its stats are rubbish, but wow, what a HP!

104. Woobat

All psychic pokemon - Woobat

Woobat is Swoobat’s first evolution. Like Zubat, it hangs out in caves for a lot of the time and uses supersonic frequencies to stop itself from crashing into objects or other Pokemon.

Most people will probably evolve it into Swoobat as soon as possible, but if you do like the look of it, then you could evolve it all the way to Level 50 and add Future Sight into its repertoire.

105. Wynaut

Wynaut looks a lot like a smaller version of Wobbuffet, and that’s because it is!

Just look at that smile too; I reckon this guy would make anyone feel better if they were having a bad day!

It has no attacking moves, but then again, it doesn’t look like it would ever be in the mood to fight anyway!

106. Wyrdeer

All psychic pokemon - Wrydeer

Wrydeer is how all of us have been getting around on Pokemon Legends: Arceus, the Psychic and Normal Evolution of Stantler.

Double-Edge and Megahorn join Psychic moves like Zen Headbutt to form an all-round attacking machine with 105 Physical and Special Attack stats!

107. Xatu

We’ve come to the end of our all Psychic Pokemon article, with Xatu ending proceedings and providing us with our final Psychic Pokemon.

It can supposedly see both into the past and the future, making it a little like Brandon Stark in Game of Thrones. This guy has more of a Zelda-ish vibe about him though, and with foresight like that, it’s no surprise that you’ll be wielding Future Sight against most of your foes!

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