A New Sega Neptune Console Has Been Revealed After Being Cancelled 29 Years Ago

Sega Neptune from GamesCare and the original Sega Neptune design

Imagine a world where Sega continually outsold Nintendo instead of falling behind in the race. That world exists, and it’s Brazil.

Up until very recently, a Brazillian company called TecToy was still making Sega Genesis consoles for gamers to use. The company has ceased production of the console now, but a new Brazillian company has stepped up to the plate with something that none of us thought we would ever see.

The Sega Neptune never saw the light of day despite being announced before the arrival of the Sega Saturn. It was supposed to be an amalgamation of the Mega Drive/Genesis and the 32X console, but at a time when Sega was starting to implode from within, it never actually came to fruition.

A company called GamesCare has created their own version of the Sega Neptune called the GF1 Neptune, and a fact that was reported by The Metro that was music to our ears which is music to our ears is that it will play original Sega software in the forms of original Mega Drive and 32X carts, as well as (oh yes) Sega CD games via a hook-up port for the original hardware!

And no, this new Sega Neptune console won’t need an old-school RGB cable or a scart lead; the plan is to build it with HDMI and 1080p resolution to work with modern TVs, including online compatibility and storage via SD cards. How cool is that! It will have Analogue visual and audio outputs for the purists too, but in an age where most people’s TVs only have HDMI ports, I think HDMI will be the most popular option.

The annoying thing is that we haven’t actually seen any proper images bar one on the Level Up website which I’ve used in this featured image, and that looks a little like an air fryer. We don’t have any information with regards to how much this thing will cost or, more importantly, how much it will cost for me to get hold of one here in the UK. I would definitely pay a pretty penny for this as I would love to review it, and I’ve reached out to GamesCare for a comment that I can hopefully update you with soon.

So stand by for more information as and when I get it, but for now, check out the official trailer the company launched below. If you don’t understand Brazillian Portuguese, however, you’ll need to flip the subtitles on!

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