2 New LEGO Super Mario Sets Revealed & Include New Paper Instructions

new lego super mario mushroom set

New sets in the LEGO Super Mario range appear to include paper instructions. This marks a departure away from accessing instructions via the LEGO Super Mario app.

German retailer JB Spielwaren has provided us with a better look at two new LEGO Super Mario sets. 71429 Nabbit at Toad’s Shop and 71430 Penguin Family Snow Adventure both appear to include paper instructions within their promotional shots.

Both new sets have been given descriptive titles with Nabbit at Toad’s Shop featuring, well Nabbit at Toad’s Shop and the Penguin Family Snow Adventure set includes cute recreations of the penguins from Mario 64, along with an ice slide and a goomba wearing a Christmas hat.

image credit: lego

JB Spielwaren has an expected release date of 31st December 2023 although it is anticipated that these mini LEGO Super Mario sets will launch the following day on the 1st January 2024.

Paper Mario

It’s always great to have a sneak peek at new LEGO but what sets Nabbit at Toad’s Shop and Penguin Family Show Adventure apart from previous LEGO Mario sets is the inclusion of paper instructions.

We’ve yet to see whether the instructions will also appear on the LEGO Super Mario app. There’s also no hint about whether the instructions for the Penguin Family Snow Adventure will include guidance on how to launch baby penguins off the side of Cool, Cool Mountain…

child playing with lego
Image credit: jb spielwaren/lego

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