PicoZX Handheld Emulator Faithfully Recreates The Iconic ZX Spectrum

PicoZX handheld emulator held in a gamer's hands

While most of us are looking for handheld emulators that can cope with PS2, GameCube, and Dreamcast emulation, there’s one handheld that is specifically looking back to the dawn of home gaming and championing those early titles that pioneered the way. We discovered the PicoZX over on Geeky Gadgets, a handheld emulator designed purely with […]

ZX Spectrum Deluxe Collectors Box Now Available For Pre-order

ZX Spectrum Deluxe Collectors Box

In honor of the 40th anniversary of one of the most beloved computer systems ever created, Gracious Films has launched a new ZX Spectrum Deluxe Collectors Box. Surely you’ve seen the ZX Spectrum many times in the past. But for those unfamiliar, this home computer system has a very important place in video game history. […]