Ranking The Best PS1 JRPGs For Spellbinding Adventures

JRPGs on the PS1 displayed on the Retro Dodo background

Get ready for dungeon crawling, anime art styles, and storylines more complex than George R. R Martin’s dreams as we take a look at the best PS1 JRPGs of all time! PlayStation is pretty synonymous with the JRPG genre at this point, but back when the PS1 first launched, games of this ilk were few […]

Ranking The 20 Best JRPGs Ever Made (Across All Consoles)

Sharpen that sword; it’s time to look at the best JRPGs of our generation! No, I didn’t put a spelling mistake in the title; we’re looking for JRPG’s today, but don’t worry if you don’t know what that means. There’s an explanation at the bottom of this article to reward you for scrolling through. We’ll […]