ANBERNIC Reveals NEW RG-ARC, A SEGA Inspired Retro Handheld

anbernic arc handheld

Anbernic has just dropped the first official look at their upcoming Sega inspired handheld, the RG-ARC. This Sega Saturn inspired emulation device offers something that we have not really seen in the scene. So we are pretty happy with Anbernic’s decision to pursue this rather than repeating themselves or releasing that not so exciting Windows-based […]

New Wireless Retro-Bit Sega Saturn Controller Available To Order Now

Retro-Bit Sega Saturn Controller

Retro-Bit, the Retro specialists that have made several Retro Dodo appearances over the years, have just launched their brand new wireless Sega Saturn Controller. Retro-Bit actually has a large line of third-party peripherals, including the Retro-Bit LegacyGC GameCube controller. So we know they have some experience in the space. And Retro-Bit has an extensive relationship […]

Modder Brings Portable SEGA Saturn ‘SEGA Uranus’ Concept To Life

Sega Uranus

A crafty modder has worked their magic to make a Sega Saturn portable in a brand new handheld they are calling the Sega Uranus. The Saturn is not exactly the most convenient of consoles to smash into a portable form. Yet, here we are nearly thirty years after the release of the system, someone managed […]

Ranking The Best SEGA Saturn Games Ever Made

Best Sega Saturn Games Of All Time

Sonic might be so fast that he could collect the rings around Saturn, but we’re only concerned with the best Sega Saturn games today. Was that ‘planet-themed’ link as bad as I thought it was? Yes? Ok, let’s move on. The Saturn sometimes gets forgotten about in the hype of the Mega Drive and the […]