Best SEGA Genesis RPGs Ever Made

It’s time to unsheathe your sword and set off to save the world as we check out the Best Genesis RPGs! The 16-bit era was a golden age for RPGs; the technological improvements made possible in the jump from 8-bit to 16-bit consoles brought so much to the genre, in terms of visuals, audio and […]

Ranking The 20 Best Nintendo 3DS RPGs Of All Time

Members of the Retro Dodo team holding 3DS games

Simply The Best The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds VIEW PRICES ON EBAY 10 The best open world RPG game on the Nintendo 3DS, period. A Must Play Pokemon X/Y VIEW PRICES ON EBAY 9.5 A must play for any Pokemon fan, this is THE best 3DS Pokemon game. An Incredible World Monster […]

25 Best SNES RPGs Of All Time

The Best SNES RPGs list is one full of highly regarded classics, many of which still stand as fantastically playable examples of the genre even today, nearly 30 years on in some cases. It helps, of course, that many indie studios today use 16-bit pixel art visuals and gameplay mechanics for role playing games, giving […]