How To Setup PCSX2 BIOS (The Right Way)

The Playstation 2 is still the king of best selling game consoles at over 155 million units (just barely beating out the Nintendo DS). And with nearly 2000 game titles in its library, there is no shortage of awesome content to keep you busy for a lifetime. Take a look at our list of the […]

17 Best GBA ROM Hacks To Download Today

best gba rom hacks

The sheer inventiveness and creativity of the modding community never ceases to amaze me, but what’s also impressive is that the coders responsible for these hacks aren’t always looking to put their own spin on a game’s mechanics – sometimes, they’re just aiming to improve a game from a technical standpoint. Consequently, ROM hacks of […]

10 Best Nintendo DS ROM Hacks Of All Time

best nintendo ds rom hacks

Nintendo’s handheld consoles are fertile ground for ROM hacks, with their ease of access and relatively straightforward games to hack. The second screen – which is also a touchscreen – gives the console a unique selling point too, with it often used for maps, menus or other quality of life improvements that, when well implemented, […]