ANBERNIC RG505 Review – An Awful Handheld Worth Skipping


ANBERNIC has had a crazy year. 90% of the products they have launched this year somehow made their way into my bin, it must have fallen off my desk… But a couple of them just so happen to be some of their best handhelds ever made, for example I absolutely love their RG353M, it’s a […]

Retroid Pocket 3 Officially Revealed and Available for Preorder

The time has come, people… the Retroid Pocket 3 has been officially revealed and is now available for pre-order! It was only a few days ago we saw the Retroid Pocket 3 Promo Video Leaked and even though it was not the first we had heard of it, it did have us pretty excited. It […]

Retro Pixel Pocket Is A Upcoming Gameboy Pocket Clone Running Android

retro pixel pocket

After just uploading a video about the best upcoming handhelds of the year, we then go and find information on an upcoming handheld called the Retro Pixel Pocket, how fitting! The Retro Pixel Pocket was revealed by RGHandhelds and is being produced by a popular modding website called FunnyPlaying. As of now it is still […]

All Game Boy Models In Order & Why They Were Special

Welcome to the Retro Dodo list of all Game Boy models in order & why they were special. It’s safe to say that the entire Retro Dodo team are serious Game Boy nerds. We’ve all owned multiple Game Boys over the years, traded and battled with Link Cables, put up with the Worm Light on […]

Powkiddy RGB20S Review – Low Quality But Undeniably Fun

powkiddy rgb20s

The Powkiddy RGB20S is a very odd looking device, which is typical of Powkiddy products and if you’ve read any of our Powkiddy reviews you’ll know that they’re a little hit and miss when it comes to quality, but this device here has somewhat impressed me. When I first saw the leaked designs I was […]

Ranking The Best Anime Games On PSP For Animation Fans

Flex those fingers; it’s time to check out the best Anime PSP games for Sony’s portable powerhouse! Adapting popular anime and manga into interactive worlds is one of the best ways to tap into people’s sentimental connection to the franchises. There are tonnes of amazing anime universes that have come to video gaming for new […]

10 Best Selling 3DS Games of All Time

Glasses? Where we’re going, we don’t need 3D glasses – come with us as we take a look at the best selling 3DS Games of All Time! Though the 3DS series of consoles ‘only’ sold around 76 million units in total – around half of the sales of Nintendo’s DS consoles – that’s still far […]

Powkiddy RGB10S Review – A Handheld That Doesn’t Excite

powkiddy rgb10s

It seems like I haven’t reviewed a handheld in a long time, the Analogue Pocket and the Steam Deck have sapped up all of the handheld media recently, but thankfully for us retro handheld enthusiasts one little handheld has slid under the radar, and although it pains me to say it’s from Powkiddy, it’s about […]

Retroid Pocket 2+ Review – A Superb Handheld Worth Snagging

retroid pocket 2+

The Retroid Pocket 2+ is a newer and far more powerful upgrade to the original Retroid Pocket 2. It’s launching in February and moves affordable handheld emulation to the next level, away from the outdated RK3326 chips that we have been living with for years now. The GoRetroid team has always gone against the grain […]

Analogue Pocket Review – A Flawless FPGA Handheld

analogue pocket

The Analogue Pocket is hands down one of the most anticipated consoles of 2021. Yes it had a rough start with pre-orders, then the constant push back of release dates due to chip shortages and the effects of the pandemic, but it’s finally here, and it looks like they have opened the doors to new […]