Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition Accidentally Leaked by Microsoft

Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition

“Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition” has just made a surprising appearance on the Microsoft game store, leading many to believe it was loaded prematurely and by accident. But both the game detail page and the achievements list, which has also been found by internet detectives, all but confirm that the game will arrive […]

The Memoria Project Remakes Final Fantasy IX In UE5

Final Fantasy IX Memoria Project

The Memoria Project is an incredible effort by a group of 50 artists and game developers to remake Final Fantasy IX in Unreal Engine 5. But sadly, will will likely never be able to play it. If you are a fan of the Final Fantasy series, then you probably have a soft spot in your […]

Ranking The Best Turok Games Ever Developed

Best Turok Games

It’s time to head into the jungle and find out which dinosaur hunting games should be resurrected and which should remain extinct. Though Turok has been around since the 1950s – when he first appeared in comic books by Western Publishing/Dell Comics – it was the 1997 Nintendo 64 first person shooter that brought the […]