Nintendo Buys Shiver Entertainment From Embracer Group

Nintendo has purchased Switch port studio Shiver Entertainment from Embracer in a rare acquisition for an undisclosed sum. Gamers will know Shiver Entertainment as the team responsible for porting wizard-sim Hogwarts Legacy to the Switch, and the developers of the critically panned Mortal Kombat 1 port for Nintendo’s hybrid console. According to a press release […]

Super Mario 64’s Cool, Cool Mountain Door Finally Opens From The Outside

It’s been 28 years since Super Mario 64 launched but the previously unopenable door in Cool, Cool Mountain has finally been opened from the outside. Discovered last month by Super Mario 64 speedrunner Alexpalix, who overcame the notoriously impassible door in Cool, Cool Mountain with the help of an extensive knowledge of Mario’s moveset and […]

The Nintendo Museum Is Scheduled To Open This Autumn

The Nintendo Museum in Uji City, Kyoto looks set to open its doors this autumn, according to the latest Nintendo’s Financial Report. Originally reported to open this summer, the revised timeframe features in Nintendo’s “Financial Results Explanation Materials for the Third Quarter of the Fiscal Year Ending March 2024”, appearing on the sixteenth page of […]

Nintendo Is Suing Creators Behind Switch Emulator Yuzu

nintendo yuzu

There’s no denying that Nintendo like to smash down the law on creators taking advantage of their IP, but this time it’s a little different. Nintendo has officially and publicly filed a lawsuit against the creators behind Yuzu (one of the best Nintendo Switch emulators on the market) on the 26th February according to Stephen […]

10 Best Shiny Pokémon Of All Time (Ranked By Design)

We love every Pokémon equally at Retro Dodo but we can’t contain ourselves whenever we see one of the best Shiny Pokémon of all time. Shiny Pokémon first appeared back in Pokémon Gold and Silver when an uncommon Red Gyarados emerged from the Lake of Rage in the Johto Region. The Shiny Pokémon don’t offer […]

Creative Modder Builds the Fabled Nintendo Playstation by Sony

Nintendo Playstation by Sony

A creative modder and video game enthusiast by the name of James Channel has created the fabled Nintendo Playstation designed by Sony. If you read that last bit again, you may or may not be confused by the combination of words used. But, if you know a little bit about your video game history, then […]

LEGO Announces New Bowser Muscle Car Expansion Set

LEGO Bowser's Muscle Car Expansion Set

LEGO has just announced an upcoming Super Mario Bros. expansion set, this time an awesome Bowser figure and muscle car. And just because all of us in the Retro Dodo team are grown men, that will not stop us from continuing to add to our massive LEGO collection. Of course, we’ve covered quite a lot […]

Heritage To Auction A Ton Of Retro Nintendo Stuff Later This Month

Heritage Nintendo

Heritage Auctions are currently holding a batch of auctions for a bunch of really incredible retro Nintendo items. And you may be asking yourself why we would be covering a Heritage Auctions event. I’m asking myself that as well. But actually, it’s because it is quite fascinating to see just how much these retro games […]

Live Action Pokemon TV Drama Gets First Trailer

Pack Your Pockets With Adventure

The Japan exclusive Pokemon live-action television drama, Pack Your Pockets With Adventure, has just gotten its first official trailer. And this is looking like a pretty interesting show related to the Pokemon universe unlike anything we’ve seen before. Pack Your Pockets With Adventure The appropriately titled show, Pack Your Pockets With Adventure (Pocket ni Boken […]