Metroid & THPS1 Amongst The Nominations For The Video Game Hall Of Fame

Game covers for Metroid and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

When I woke up this morning, I didn’t expect to be met with an impossible decision that would render my brain obsolete for the rest of the day. The nominations for the Video Game Hall of Fame are up online, and now I have to decide between Metroid and Tony Hawks Pro Skater to go […]

Metroid SNES Port Brings Exciting New Features To A Classic Adventure

Metroid SNES Infidelity

A port of the classic NES title Metroid to the SNES has just been completed by romhacking master Infidelity. Infidelity has spent over 2 months on this intense Metroid SNES port project. And he claims that it is “The most extensive port I’ve ever done.” Longtime fans of this 37 year old video game will […]

Metroid Fusion Finally Coming To Switch Online

Metroid Fusion

Metroid Fusion is now coming to the new Game Boy Advance roster on Nintendo Switch Online! We were pretty happy to see one of our favorite retro consoles finally added to the lineup for Nintendo Switch Online. And it’s about to get even cooler with one of the most beloved games for the GBA available […]