Logitech G Cloud Review – A Superb Cloud Based Handheld

logitech g cloud

The time has come, handhelds are slowly but surely moving closer and closer to the ever restricted environment of cloud gaming. I have reviewed devices that can play most of your retro games for just $60 such as the Miyoo Mini to complete powerhouses that can run AAA games at high frame rates for well […]

Logitech G CLOUD Handheld Officially Revealed Launching In October For $349

logitech g cloud handheld

Just a few weeks ago news regarding an upcoming Logitech handheld was leaked, showing what looked like a cloud based handheld for the masses. Today Logitech has confirmed that via officially revealing their all new Logitech G Cloud handheld targeting cloud based gamers who want to play their AAA games on the go. According to […]

Logitech Are Partnering With Tencent Games To Launch A New Handheld This Year

logitech g handheld

It seems like there are more upcoming handhelds than there are days in the year. To add to this ever growing market, Logitech G has announced that they are partnering with Tencent Games to launch a new handheld device specifically for cloud gamers. This is no surprise, as there has been previous rumours of Tencent […]