EarthBound Plush Set Landing Back On Earth For Valentines Day

EarthBound / Mother Plush Set

Just in time for Valentines Day, a restock of the adorable EarthBound Plush Set will be made available once again. And you’re not gonna want to miss them this time around! The initial run of the ‘Chosen Four Plush Set’ that released back in May of 2022 had sold out very quickly. And we were […]

5 Best 2.5D Role Playing Games Of All Time

Besides the incredible aesthetics, I just think 2.5D role playing games are a really unique way to experience video games. Octopath Traveler may not be the first to use a 2.5d graphic style, but it was certainly a beautiful example of a way it can be used to speak to oldschool JRPGs and also modern […]