Handheld Wii Plays All The Best Wii Games On The Go

Handheld Wii by GingerOfOz

Get ready to play Twilight Princess on the go as we take a look at this epic handheld Wii! If you’re a fan of portable game consoles and have been eager for Nintendo Wii game play on the go, you will be disappointed in the ability of most current handheld emulators. But if you’ve got […]

Wii Boy Color Transforms Nintendo Wii Into Epic Handheld Console

The retro gaming community are continuously coming up with incredible gadgets, though none have been quite as exciting as this Wii Boy Color. In the age of console modding and pushing the boundaries of the handheld, one Nintendo fan has completed a personal mission to build a brand new, never-before-seen console. And it looks incredible! […]