Handheld Wii Plays All The Best Wii Games On The Go

Handheld Wii by GingerOfOz

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Get ready to play Twilight Princess on the go as we take a look at this epic handheld Wii!

If you’re a fan of portable game consoles and have been eager for Nintendo Wii game play on the go, you will be disappointed in the ability of most current handheld emulators.

But if you’ve got some high level tech ability, or just a decent amount of cash to spare, maybe this handheld Wii can solve all of your problems!

This handheld Wii contains a fully functional Nintendo Wii circuit board, which has been chopped down to its bare minimum size, and crafted into a really well designed shell.

There’s a lot of custom stuff inside to make it all function properly, and the result is a working portable Wii with an integrated GameCube controller.

And yeah, it should play all of the 50 Best Nintendo Wii Games, cause it’s a real Wii inside.

This particular build comes from console wizard GingerOfMods aka GingerOfOZ.

Handheld Wii by GingerOfOz
Handheld Wii by GingerOfOz

GingerOfOZ is previously known from his many portable builds of the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo GameCube and PS2.

I’ve been following GingerOfOZ since early 2020 when I started getting super serious about my retro gaming passion and discovered his incredible works.

And we previously covered his Wii Boy Color project; a Nintendo Wii in Game Boy Color form (this was also his first project that I ever saw).

But I wrongfully assume two things on first glance of this new handheld Wii project:

I thought that it was a portable GameCube due to the controller scheme. And I also thought that this was entirely a solo effort from GingerOfOZ…

The ‘Ashida’ Wii Project

Handheld Wii - The 'Ashida' Wii Project
The ‘Ashida’ Wii Project by Wesk

It would be easy to assume the portable Wii was a creation of GingerOfOz, since most of his previous works seem to be self-developed.

Portable Nintendo Wii’s are certainly nothing new for him.

But this specific design is credited to another console modder who goes by the name Wesk.

The Wii portable project is titled “Ashida”, and is said to be somewhat of a community effort led by Wesk.

If you check out that link, there is all of the information and files one would need to build a portable Wii themselves.

It’s incredibly fascinating to watch the entire thing be assembled in this 3d video (also kind of relaxing).

If you’ve got 8 hours to spare, GingerOfOZ even posted a full build of it on his youtube here.


If anything is to be learned from this project, it is that converting home video game consoles to portable ones is a skill that takes years of practice and a ton of creative ingenuity.

And with the help of a community of other enthusiasts, some pretty wild things can be achieved.

One of RetroDodo’s main interests is in portable gaming. So obviously we had to share this with you guys.

The future of portable gaming is looking bright and the technology is advancing at an incredible rate.

So whether it’s modifying classic consoles, repurposing consoles into entirely new forms, or the advances in portable emulation…

We’ve got a lot of really exciting options to choose from.

It’s never been a better time to be a gaming enthusiast.

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