Ranking The Best Handheld Game Consoles Of 2024 (All Tested)

A selection of handheld game consoles on a white background

I have been reviewing handheld game consoles professionally for over six years, and the first handheld that I owned was the Game Boy Color back in 1999. Suffice it to say that I know a fair bit about these impeccable devices; heck, the website you are reading today was founded on the principle of informing […]

Is The Razer Edge The New Nintendo Switch Killer?

Razer Edge

The new Razer Edge Android-based handheld console is being marketed as the new Nintendo Switch alternative on the block. And we have also seen a lot of media outlets saying it will give the Steam Deck a run for its money. Surely, for those of us who know about the many Android and Windows based […]

Switch Officially Surpasses Game Boy Sales Numbers

It is now official; the Nintendo Switch has surpassed the Game Boy in overall sales numbers becoming the third highest selling video game console of all time! Yes, it is a sad day for Game Boy fans. Or perhaps a great day for Switch fans. Heck, we all win anyways. The Game Boy, Game Boy […]

ANBERNIC RG35XX Review – A Handheld That Needs Work


Update: ANBERNIC has now released the RG35XX Plus, a more powerful version of this device that has become one of our favourite handhelds of 2023. The RG35XX is a handheld by ANBERNIC that wants to take a slice of the best mini retro handhelds pie. ANBERNIC has obviously seen the incredible sales of the Miyoo […]

Analogue Reveals new “openFPGA” For Their Pocket Handheld

Analogue Pocket - openFPGA

Some new features are coming to one of the best handheld consoles on the scene, and we absolutely cannot wait to share the big changes coming to the Analogue Pocket. The Pocket was already one of our personal favorites and it was included on our list of the 11 Best Handheld Games Consoles Of 2022… […]