Hands On With The Analogue Pocket’s PWRUP GRIP 2.0

pwrup grip 2

There’s no denying that the Analogue Pocket has been a huge success, it’s the handheld everyone wants, and for good reason, it’s crafted with perfection and plays a wide range of cartridges alongside flawless FPGA emulation. For readers who have been around for some time now, you may remember that we reviewed the original PWRUP […]

Anbernic Reveals New Grips For The RG405M

RG405M Grip

We were surprised to wake up to an announcement that Anbernic is now selling silicon grip attachments for the RG405M handheld. From what we can tell, this is Anbernic’s first attempt at a grip for one of their game consoles. And honestly, they seem to have done a pretty good job at it! With the […]