One XPlayer Steam-Compatible Handheld Gaming Console Announced

One Xplayer Steam-Compatible PC Handheld Gaming Console

News just in; the One XPlayer Steam-compatible gaming console has begun its crowdfunding campaign! That’s right; PC gamers everywhere have sat down to eat their sandwiches and lunchtime coffee, only to throw them everywhere in surprise at the new announcement. This new portable device has just appeared on crowdfunding site IndieGoGo. On paper, it looks […]

Tencent Handheld Planning To Take On The Nintendo Switch

Tencent Handheld PC Gaming Console

PC gaming fans are readying themselves as a new contender for the portable gaming crown emerges from the shadows – the Tencent Handheld. This portable powerhouse looks set to take the world by storm, and its strong resemblance to the Nintendo Switch is bound to grab peoples attention and their hard-earned cash. But what is […]