ANBERNIC RG35XX H Review: A Delightful Surprise

anbernic rg35xx h

8 Build Quality7 Affordability9 Emulation Performance8 OS & UX8 The ANBERNIC RG355 X is a part of the ever expanding RG35XX line of handhelds which now includes the RG35XXSP which looks like a Game Boy Advance SP, the original 35XX which more closely resembles an original Game Boy and the 35XX Plus which is a […]

ANBERNIC RG Cube Review – The Perfect 1:1 Retro Handheld?

anbernic rg cube

8 Build Quality9 Emulation Performance7.5 Portability8 OS & UX7.5 A fun niche retro handheld that feels incredibly well built with fancy modern features and a unique 1:1 display that works wonders with 4:3 games, however there is some areas that have passed the quality control team… as usual. The rise of 1:1 retro gaming handhelds […]

ANBERNIC Officially Reveals New RG40XX H After Recent Leaks

rg40xx h anbernic

Last week ANBERNIC’s RG40XX “leaked” thanks to staff sharing it on Chinese social media, at that point it looked almost finished, and this finally confirms that as it’s now officially revealed via their YouTube channel. It’s official name is the RG40XX H, which is pretty standard when it comes to ANBERNIC’s devices, even if it […]

Upcoming ANBERNIC RG40XX Handheld “Leaks”

anbernic rg40xx

It’s getting to a point where I can’t remember how many ANBERNIC leak posts I have produced. It’s obvious at this point that ANBERNIC are purposely revealing these handhelds on their own staff’s social profiles before its official. And it works, because fools like me write about it. This time a video has appeared showing […]

ANBERNIC Officially Reveals “RG Cube” Handheld With 1:1 Display

anbernic rg cube

The leaks were real, and we now have an official look at the ANBERNIC RG Cube, a retro handheld featuring a 1:1 display, which is the new trend recently in the affordable emulation industry thanks to the Powkiddy RGB30 and RGB20SX. We have only just finished reviewing ANBERNIC RG35XXSP, which is a phenominal budget device, […]

ANBERNIC RG35XXSP Review – A Superb $65 Clamshell Emulator

anbernic rg35xxsp

ANBERNIC’s latest handheld is here, and this one is already turning a lot of heads, probably because it’s ANBERNIC’s first shot at a clamshell handheld and it’s designed to closely resemble the classic Game Boy Advance SP emulating consoles such as NES, SNES, Mega Drive, Game Boy, PS1, N64, Dreamcast and some PSP games all […]

ANBERNIC’s Upcoming 1:1 Handheld Could Be Called The “RG CUBE”

anbernic rg nano finished leak

ANBERNIC are hard at work finishing off their recently announced RG35XXSP and it’s now been shown that they are working on an upcoming handheld codenamed the RG Cube which looks to have a 1:1 display, similar to the ZPG A1 Unicorn that still has yet to release. This information was found on the subreddit /SBCGaming, […]

RG35XXSP Is Official & “Available Soon” According To ANBERNIC

rg35xxsp colours

ANBERNIC’s RG35XXSP has been rumoured for some time now, with leaked videos finding its way onto social media, showing off its very Game Boy Advance SP aesthetics. Now it’s official. ANBERNIC has got in touch with the Retro Dodo team as of this morning via email asking if we would be interested in reviewing a […]

ANBERNIC RG35XX 2024 Review – Their Most Confusing Handheld Yet

anbernic rg35xx 2024

6.8 A Handheld That Shouldn’t Really Exist Handheld Design9 Pricing & Market Stance5 Emulation Performance8 User Experience5 ANBERNIC’s RG35XX 2024 is confusingly placed on the market, priced just $14 less than a handheld with the same design, better battery life, better shoulder buttons and WiFi/Bluetooth capabilities, making it a device that’s likely worth passing on. […]

ANBERNIC Announces NEW RG28XX Horizontal Retro Handheld

anbernic rg28xx concept

As I almost finish writing up my review of the ANBERNIC RG35XX 2024, a new handheld by ANBERNIC swiftly gets revealed! It’s becoming a full-time gig to keep on top of ANBERNIC’s reveals. This time ANBERNIC has revealed on their YouTube channel the RG28XX, a horizontal handheld which looks like the old school Bittboy Pocket […]