Super Mario Bros. in Unreal Engine 5 has us drooling

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You guys ever wish for a modern twist on Super Mario Bros. created in Unreal Engine 5? Well we got you covered…

We were recently alerted to a new video posted by Funkyzeit Games that had us foaming at the mouth for a more realistic Nintendo game.

Super Mario Bros. in Unreal Engine 5 by Funkyzeit Games
Super Mario Bros. in Unreal Engine 5 by Funkyzeit Games

As they explain in the video’s description: “I played around in Unreal Engine 5 and made a showcase of Mario game I always wanted to play.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

There are a handful of classic game franchises that we would absolutely love to see come to a modern game engine with super modern graphics. And Super Mario Bros. would certainly be on that wishlist.

Just take a look at this incredible work and you’ll know what we mean:

Obviously that content is a bit mature for anything Nintendo would ever do. But the graphics style is something we have never really seen in a Mario franchise title.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 went a little more modern in their graphics approach and had a lot more effects than we are used to seeing in a Nintendo title, and that was one of my favorite games of all time.

To get an officially licensed Nintendo game title with all of the raytracing and particle effects we can handle would be an absolute dream.

What else would be cool to see?

There are a bunch of other Nintendo properties we would love to see in a modern game engine with these kinds of realistic-ish graphics.

The obvious goto for me would be Zelda.

While “Breath of the Wild” certainly brought the franchise into more modern standards (stylized of course), it would be incredible to see some of the classic games remade. We already got a “Link’s Awakening” remake as a cutesy cartoon aesthetic.

Perhaps an official “Ocarina of Time” or “Majora’s Mask” remake? (Or just do both for good measure.)

CryZENx has been developing an Unreal Engine 4 fan remake of “Ocarina of Time” for years now.

And a quick search on Youtube reveals a handful of other fan made Zelda remakes, including this Unreal Engine 5 one from RwanLink:


It’s mind blowing to think these kinds of demos can be created by one person.

We just hope that one day Nintendo gives one of these guys a chance to create an official release for them.

We understand that quality control is a big part of why Nintendo has a hard time letting other hands on their projects.

But with a little management and a small support team, I’m positive one of these kinds of developers can turn out a project that will make some of us fans super happy.

Hey Nintendo: Hire one of these guys!

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