How to Unlock Mirror Mode in Sonic Origins

How to Unlock Mirror Mode in Sonic Origins

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Looking for a way to unlock Mirror Mode in Sonic Origins? You’ve come to the right place – let’s find out how it’s done!

What is Mirror Mode in Sonic Origins?

Mirror Mode allows you to play levels in reverse in Sonic Origins – which means that all level features and bosses are reversed too. It’s a cool new feature that adds a fresh twist to stages that are very familiar to most Sonic the Hedgehog fans, but there’s just one problem: for most new players, the mode is locked at the start.

How do I unlock Mirror Mode in Sonic Origins?

There’s a few methods that can be used to unlock Mirror Mode – though you may have missed out on one method already – but just in case you didn’t realise what your pre-order bonus was, we’ll cover them both!

Method One: Pre-Order Sonic Origins

Now that Sonic Origins has been released, unfortunately the option to pre-order has of course been lost. 

Sonic Origins Pre-Orders

It’s a shame, because if you had pre-ordered either the standard or Digital Deluxe Edition of Sonic Origins, the Mirror Mode was a free bonus, alongside 100 coins and even a wallpaper to be used during 4:3 mode, with everything bundled together as the Start Dash Pack. 

The Start Dash Pack is not available to purchase separately from the base game, sadly – and is not even included in the purchase of the Digital Deluxe Edition either.

Method Two: Complete All Four Sonic Games in Anniversary Mode

That’s right – in order to unlock Mirror Mode if you didn’t pre-order Sonic Origins, you’ll need to finish all four of the games included in the collection!

Thankfully, Anniversary Mode is a lot easier and more forgiving than the Classic Mode – it includes infinite lives and even widescreen support, both of which make the Sonic games a bit more accessible in terms of their difficulty.

Can I make it even easier to complete each game?

Well, yes. If you don’t mind cheating of course. Check out our guide to all of the Sonic Origins Cheat Codes for more details!

Where should I start if I want to unlock Mirror Mode?

Perhaps you want to get the most challenging game out of the way first? Or maybe start with the best – or your favourite – of the included Sonic games? Or just to keep things simple, how about in chronological order?

Take a look at our list of the best Sonic games and check out what takes the top spot on our list of the best Sega CD games to get a bit of insight as to where you might want to start your quest to unlock Mirror Mode in Sonic Origins!

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