SNL Makes Hilarious Mario Kart Movie Trailer Featuring Pedro Pascal

SNL Mario Kart Movie

SNL is famous for sketch comedy and parody of pop culture. And this weekend’s episode hit close to home for gaming fans with a gag trailer for a would-be Mario Kart movie.

Needless to say, we were loving every second of it.

The guest host for the Feb 4th episode of SNL was Pedro Pascal, who has been getting a lot of attention for his portrayal of Joel in HBO’s The Last Of Us.

As a huge fan of that game, I was incredibly interested to see the show, and I gotta say: they are honoring the source material well.

SNL decided to put Pedro’s acting chops to the test in the SNL Mario Kart Movie trailer. And he did not disappoint.

SNL Mario Kart Movie
Image Source: SNL

Of course, The Super Mario Bros. Movie is releasing in just a couple of months, and we know that there will be some kart racing going on in there.

But this SNL parody blends Mario Kart with The Last Of Us in ludicrous fashion. And it definitely has us wanting much more than the 3 minute spoof.

The trailer features a lot of our favorite Mario Kart characters in their dark alternate universe form. Including Mario, Princess Peach, Luigi, Bowser, Toad, and Yoshi. Sorry, no Wario though (my goto character for MK).

And perhaps the most impressive part is all of the CGI they did for a gag trailer. We know it’s supposed to be a joke, but it actually looks incredible!

I wanted to share more screenshots, but it’s better if I don’t spoil it too much. You really gotta see it for yourself.

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