PC-88 Classic Vertical Shooter Silpheed Coming To Switch


The classic vertical shooter Silpheed, previously from the Japanese PC-8801 home computer, is getting a Nintendo Switch release this month.

This incredible re-release comes as part of “Project EGG” from D4 Enterprise. Which all sounds a bit cryptic, but it’s really not as convoluted as you’d think.

D4 Enterprise is a Japanese distributor aiming to bring back classic video games previously only available on older Japanese home computers.

Project Egg also includes a standalone emulation suite for PC, but D4 is starting to bring some of those retro titles to popular home consoles, such as the Nintendo Switch.

And their latest Switch release is an absolute classic in the vertical shooter genre.


Silpheed is a retro vertical shoot ’em up game that original released on the Japanese PC-8801 home computer system in 1986.

The game very impressively simulates a 3d environment through its combination of 2d graphics and 3d polygons.

It is the unique aesthetic of the game that is perhaps the most appealing reason to play. But it is not the only quality that particularly stands out.

The music is also quite incredible, and perfectly represents that 70s-80s era space themed action game. And the use of CSM synthesized speech was a standout feature of this early retro title, as well.

Image Source: Nintendo/D4 Enterprise

Silpheed received many subsequent ports to various home video game consoles, as well as a direct sequel for the PS2 and a spiritual successor on the Xbox 360.

But it has always been that original PC-88 version that held such a significant place in the hearts of those who had the chance to enjoy this game back in that era.

And now, for the first time on contemporary home consoles, we can enjoy this incredible entry in the vertical shooter genre.

Purchase Information

Image Source: Nintendo/D4 Enterprise

Silpheed will be available for digital purchase on the Japanese Nintendo Switch eShop starting December 21st.

The price is currently listed at $6.49usd, which is a unique number to go with. But that is just one more unique detail to add to Silpheed’s legacy.

It is currently unclear if the game will release on the same date for those outside of Japan, but we have no doubts that it will see a western release. It may just come to Japan first.

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