Metal Analogue Pocket Could Become A Reality Thanks To Enthusiasts

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RetroCN has been sharing exciting information behind-the-scenes about a new metal shell replacement in development for the Analogue Pocket.

And I really shouldn’t have to explain to you how incredible this would be, if it comes to fruition.

RetroCN are the same guys who work directly with GKD on all of their metal shells. Such as the shells that were used on the GKD Plus Classic and the upcoming GKD Pixel.

And according to Discord user Rex from, the design for the Analogue Pocket replacement shell is nearing the final stages of development.

So our dreams of a metal shell Analogue Pocket might come sooner than expected!

Update November 24, 2023: The metal shells from RetroCN are now available for purchase here. They come in black, gold, silver, red, blue, purple, and green, you must use the metal buttons provided, and the retail price is $189.99usd. Purchase at your own risk!

Analogue Pocket Metal Shell

RetroCN Analogue Pocket
Image Source: RetroCN

The designer known as “O-Zone” has been hard at work for the past week creating the design files to create an aluminum shell replacement for the Analogue Pocket.

You’ve seen O-Zone’s work if you have taken a close look a the GKD Plus Classic. Since it is his “O₃” logo that appears on the face of the device.

And when it comes to the GKD, we have few complaints about the design of their handhelds. In fact, they are some of the most beautiful designs on the scene.

Our complaints are in the user experience related to software. Which will not be an issue in this case since you’ll swap the internal hardware from your own Analogue Pocket into the new metal shell.

RetroCN Analogue Pocket
Image Source: RetroCN

The plan is to offer a variety of colors, and the option to mix and match the three main shell parts to create your own unique Pocket.

Aluminum metal buttons are also something being considered, but is not yet confirmed as a likely inclusion in the DIY kits.

The team behind RetroCN have also asked us to humble our expectations about how easy it will be to install a metal shell replacement on an Analogue Pocket.

Since the device is not exactly easy to disassemble, this is a project intended for experts only.

You will be putting a fairly expensive device at risk of serious damage, and there are no available replacement parts for the Pocket if you break something.

But if you’ve got the ability to do the swap safely, this would surely result in one of the most premium handhelds out there.


RetroCN Analogue Pocket
Image Source: RetroCN

At this point, the excitement of an upcoming replacement shell for the Analogue Pocket should be kept to realistic standards.

There are still many details to be sorted out on RetroCN’s side of things. Including finishing the actual designs, testing the fit on real hardware, and determining if it will be possible to produce them at a price anybody is willing to pay.

Anybody who has purchased the Pocket is invested by over $300 at this point. So if the replacement shell is another $300, it’s just unlikely that many people can justify the upgrade.

My fingers are crossed that everything works out well, designs are finalized soon, and the hardcore fans can get their hands on a metal shell replacement sooner than expected.

Regular Dodo readers know I’ve been itching for the perfect vertical handheld in a metal shell. So maybe Christmas has come early for me?

Let’s all pray to the handheld gods and eagerly await news from RetroCN.

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