Retro Fighters Reveals Limited Edition Blockbuster Game Case for Switch

Blockbuster VHS Nintendo Switch Game Case

In a totally unexpected retro brand collaboration, Retro Fighters has just announced an incredible new Blockbuster Video VHS Nintendo Switch game case from their new “Retro Limited Series”.

Retro Fighters mentioned the series will sell: “a new line of nostalgia based products & collectibles”.

This announcement inspired us to do a bit of research, because we were not sure if Blockbuster was still an active company.

As far as we can tell, there is currently only one location still open to the public located in Bend, Oregon USA.

So those of us lucky enough to grow up with a Blockbuster Video location in our neighbourhood should count our blessings.

Blockbuster VHS Nintendo Switch Game Case

Blockbuster VHS Nintendo Switch Game Case

When you take a look at the promo images of this new game case by Retro Fighters, you might be a bit confused.

Are they literally selling a Blockbuster Video case with a VHS movie inside?

This does appear to be exactly what you’d pick up in any Blockbuster Video location back in the golden era of movie and video game rentals.

But the VHS “movie” inside is actually the case for your Nintendo Switch game cartridges.

So it’s basically a case inside a case. The outer case is a realistic Blockbuster VHS case like the original, just in miniature form (4.5 inch x 8 inch x 2.5 inch).

The faux-VHS opens up to safely store up to twelve Nintendo Switch games and 4 memory cards.

Any old school Blockbuster fan will surely be overwhelmed with nostalgia having one of these in their collection, even if you never use it for your game storage needs.

And I am looking forward to proudly displaying it in celebration of the many memories I have browsing movies and video games at Blockbuster.

Purchasing Information

Blockbuster VHS Nintendo Switch Game Case

Blockbuster Mini VHS Cassette cases for Nintendo Switch games will be available on the Retro Fighters Website.

And they will retail for just $19.99usd. Which is about how much you’d pay in late fees if you did not return a rental in time back in the 90s.

Pre-orders are set to begin on September 12th at 8:00AM PST, and the fulfilment is set for November 15th, 2023.

Use code “RETRODODO” for 10% off your order!

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