Numskull Designs Has Revealed 6 New Replica Arcade Cabinets

replica arcade cabinets

When it comes to replica arcade cabinets, Numskull Designs are at the top of the game. We’ve been working alongside the team covering their new titles and retro-inspired hardware for some time now, and we’re loving playing old-school games in miniature cabinet form.

Gone are the days of having to scout through pubs and gaming bars to find Ms Pac-Man, Galaga, or Space Invaders. Now, these replica arcade cabinets provide nostalgic fun wherever and whenever the feeling strikes.

After all, who wants to do work when you could be playing Dig-Dug, right?

We actually have our own PAC-MAN replica arcade cabinet that Numskull Designs kindly sent us before the collection released, a pixel perfect replica that will looks absolutely incredible.

And the other editions are just as brilliant! Check them out below!

Checking Out The Replica Arcade Cabinets From Numskull Designs!

replica arcade cabinets galaga pac-man

The six titles other than Pac-Man in the collection are Galaga, Ms. PAC-MAN, Galaxian, Dig Dug, Track & Field, and Space Invaders. Each come with delightful high quality packaging and most likely a limited edition coin to add to your gaming collection.

For those of you wondering yes, these are official BANDAI NAMCO products, they have teamed up with Numskull Designs to create these nostalgic replica arcade cabinets. The Galaga replica arcade cabinet is the second instalment in their Quarter Arcades range.

Galaga is one of the world’s most recognisable, innovative shooters of all time and now you can experience the real deal, in your hands from the comfort of your home. No, you won’t need to pick up an old retro handheld like the LDK Horizontal to play this, this is a much more authentic feel as the cabinets themselves are 1/4 scale playable replicas that can fit on your desk.

galaga replica arcade cabinet

Each cabinet has identical artwork, shapes, buttons and more importantly real wood, not plastic. So when you slide this thing out of the box you are greeted with weight and thickness, the exact thing you would feel when playing on a real arcade cabinet.

In the Galaga replica arcade cabinet, and all of the others for that matter, each use the original arcade ROM on a bespoke emulator, so you’re getting the best possible playback of the game. No frame drops, no dead pixels, no screen tearing. This thing plays perfectly on its tiny, tiny arcade stick, which might we add is very adorable!

replica arcade cabinets

Each cabinet retails for $149.99, but us Europeans get the rough end and have to pay a little more, coming in at £129.99 or €149.99.

We can hands down say these things are a great piece of kit to have in any flat, gaming room or office. They’re fun to play on and for those that really want the old school nostalgic feel of the 8-BIT noises and the memory of smashing buttons while aggressively moving the arcade stick then this is something to keep an eye on.

pacman arcade cabinet

Even the light up logos at the top of the replica arcade cabinets just shout nostalgia, these things are well designed and built to last. Trust us we’ve put our PACMAN replica arcade cabinet to the test after a few beers at game night and it’s still in perfect condition. These things are dope, even if the price tag is a little steep.

For more information visit the Quarter Arcades website here.

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