Remute To Release His New Album On The Sega Dreamcast

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Here’s some exciting news coming out of Germany! Electronic artist Remute is to release his new album on the Sega Dreamcast.

What?! What does that mean exactly?

Well, there are a handful of musicians out there showing their love for retro gaming by producing projects that are actually made on original game formats, such as Game Boy game cartridges or… in this case, on a Sega Dreamcast CD-ROM.

These projects are basically cool visualizers designed for retro consoles that will play music and show you some onscreen graphics.

It reminds us of the old Winamp days!

Remute’s Past Releases

Remute has worked with Strictly Limited Games in the past on a game for the Sega Mega Drive and the SNES.

He has also released his album Unity on the Game Boy Advance, R64 on the Nintendo 64, and Living Electronics on the Game Boy.

Remute - Unity on the Game Boy Advance
Remute album “Unity” on the Game Boy Advance

It’s pretty cool to see an artist putting so much focus and energy into releasing projects on retro game consoles in this way.

He obviously has a lot of love for retro gaming with this being his third console based album in 2022 alone!

I’ve got a question though… where does this guy find the time?!

“Generations” on the Sega Dreamcast

Remute’s new album is titled “Generations” and features fifteen new electronic tracks.

The CD-ROM can go into a regular CD player for the audio only, or into your Dreamcast console for the full experience.

Obviously, the Dreamcast experience is the exciting part here.

Remute also teamed up with the German game studio Duranik, who developed a shoot ’em up game for the Dreamcast back in 2013 called “Sturmwind”. A remastered version was also released for PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in 2019.

It’s wild to think there are people out there still developing games on obsolete consoles like the Game Boy or the Dreamcast.

Oh wait… I’m also doing that! The Mayor of Sanctuary is coming to Game Boy in 2022.

Seriously though, how freakin cool is it that in 2022! Nearly 25 years after the release of the Sega Dreamcast, there is a brand new experience that you can purchase for the system.

We have to give big respect to artists like Remute for keeping retro game love alive and well. And we are excited to see what comes in the future from Remute.

If you’d like to support Remute and purchase your copy of the new album (as well as past projects), you can do so on his Bandcamp page.

Go show him some love!

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