Razer & Verizon Team Up To Reveal NEW Razer Edge 5G Handheld Using Qualcomm Tech

razer edge 5g

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By the title you may think that they are releasing a new shaver of some kind, but fear not, it’s actually the world’s first 5G handheld games console.

This news was revealed at Mobile Wold Congress in Las Vegas, one of America’s largest consumer technology event on Wednesday 28th September 2022.

Verizon staff were on stage and announced that they would be working with not only Razer but also Qualcomm to create a new product for the masses in hopes to push 5G to even more customers through home, gaming and entertainment products.

razer edge 5g screen

One of the main pieces of tech announced was the new Qualcomm 5G Fixed Wireless Access Platform which will take advantage of the network to create incredibly fast internet speeds on the go.

This is what they will be using with their newly announced Razer Edge 5G handheld, and is why they are collaborating together to spread the word.

Verizon, Qualcomm and Razer will be using the Snapdragon G3X Gen 1 Gaming platform inside of the device to pair great performance with impeccable internet speeds.

It will also be built on an Android operating system, making it easy to install games, watch movies and stream from your consoles, a bit like the newly announced Logitech G Cloud, another handheld which sounds like a shaver.

razer edge 5g shoulder buttons

As of writing this post Razer has revealed very little about this device, and has only teased it using a very short video which reveals far too many close ups to calculate what the device actually looks like.

It has a rounded matte black look to it, with small Razer detailing around the grips. They showed off the triggers as well which has 3 stacked buttons on each side.

This may look a little cramped but we’re sure if anyone can pull it off its Razer. Front facing speakers, a rounded D-PAD and what looks like a very bright display.

razer edge 5g grips

Perhaps they’ll add an OLED display to compete with the AYANEO Air. In terms of size, it’s hard to guess, but comparing the D-PAD size to the screen i could be featuring a 6″ or 7″ screen, but this is a guesstimation!

There has been no more information regarding specs, pricing or release dates, however they will be announcing more information at Razercon on the 15th October.

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