Quake II Remaster Leaked By Korean Rating Board

Quake II Remaster

If a recent posting from the Korean Media Ratings Board is to be trusted, then we can bet on an exciting announcement for a remaster of Quake II to be imminent. (Source: Bloody Disgusting)

The original Quake remaster was also leaked by the ESRB ahead of its official announcement from Bethesda. These ratings boards have been the source of quite a few spoiled gaming surprises in the past.

We know that if this remaster is real, Bethesda would love to keep it locked and loaded for the upcoming QuakeCon 2023 taking place in August.

So until the official announcement is made, we can only hope and pray that it is real!

In the meantime, let’s play “what-if” and imagine what this Quake II Remaster might be all about.

Quake II Remaster

Quake II RTX
Quake II RTX (2019)

Much like with the 25th anniversary remaster of Quake, we can anticipate that this new release of Quake II would be a remaster, not a full remake.

We’re also just shy of a 25th anniversary of Quake II, by the way.

If we can use the Quake remaster as a blueprint for what to expect in a Quake 2 remaster…

Then we should expect that there will be enhanced graphics, wide screen support, quality of life improvements, downloadable mods, as well as new game content to experience.

Quake II RTX
Quake II RTX (2019)

And what most of us would be foaming at the mouth for – local and online multiplayer blood baths.

Because we already have a Quake II RTX edition from 2019, we are hoping that a brand new remaster would deliver even better graphic quality.

So would a 2023 remaster of Quake II also include full ray-tracing? We sure hope so!

Although the Korean rating board leak only mentioned a PC title, it would be safe to assume console editions would also be planned.

The original Quake remaster was released on Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

In today’s gaming climate, it’s safe to bet on PC, Switch, PS4/5, and Xbox Series X/S being targeted for a Quake 2 remaster.

Early Thoughts

It should go without saying that a game that made our list of the best 90s PC games of all time would be a great thing to see come to current generation consoles.

Knowing that we can play our friends in multiplayer Quake II in 2023 sounds VERY exciting to us.

And because the Quake remaster also supported cross play, we shouldn’t have any console specific limitations with online multiplayer.

Everything about a Quake 2 remaster sounds absolutely perfect to us, and needless to say, we’re itching for more info.

But it might not be until August when Bethesda pulls the trigger on a reveal trailer.

Once it’s official, we will absolutely keep you guys posted as we can’t wait to see one of the best 90’s PC games come back to life.

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