All Pokemon TCG Set Symbols [Complete List]

pokemon tcg set symbols

Every year there’s more and more Pokemon TCG sets being released, and even myself, someone who has collected Pokemon cards since 1999, i struggle to keep on top of Pokemon TCG set symbols.

There’s just so many, some look identical, and there’s a wide range of subsets that aren’t so popular with TCG fans.

So, here is a complete list of all of the Pokemon TCG set symbols to help you manage your collection.

Scarlet & Violet : 2023 – ?

Scarlet & Violet was released in 2023 and feature a wide range of brand new Pokemon, many exquisite designs from Area Zero and the set itself starts with some impressive “Special Series” sets that have got collectors going crazy.

Set SymbolSet Name & Release Date
Temporal Forces (2024)
Paldean Fates (2024)
Paradox Rift (2023)
Pokemon 151 (2023)
Obsidian Flames (2023)
Paldea Evolved (2023)
Scarlet & Violet Base (2023)

Sword & Shield: 2019 – 2023

The Pokemon Sword & Shield set was originally released in February 7th 2022 and pair up with the popular video game that released in Nintendo Switch. It revealed new Pokemon, and new trading card fighting styles.

Set SymbolSet Name & Release Date
Crown Zenith Galarian Gallery (2023)
Crown Zenith (2023)
Silver Tempest (2022)
Lost Origin (2022)
Pokemon GO (2022)
Astral Radiance (2022)
Brilliant Stars (2022)
Fusion Strike (2021)
Celebrations: Classic (2021)
Celebrations (2021)
Evolving Skies (2021)
Chilling Reign (2021)
Battle Styles (2021)
Shiny Vault (2021)
Shining Fates (2021)
Vivid Voltage (2020)
Champion’s Path (2020)
Darkness Ablaze (2020)
Rebel Clash (2020)
Sword & Shield Base Set (2020)
Black Star Promos (2019)

Sun & Moon Set: 2017 – 2019

Pokemon’s Sun & Moon set released on February 3rd 2017 and is the first set to introduce new “GX” cards which are more powerful than traditional cards and require a new “coin” to use in the trading card game. This set was released in conjunction with the popular Nintendo 3DS games.

Set SymbolSet Name & Release Date
Cosmic Eclipse (2019)
Shiny Vault (2019)
Hidden Fates (2019)
Unified Minds (2019)
Unbroken Bonds (2019)
Detective Pikachu (2019)
Team Up (2019)
Lost Thunder (2018)
Dragon Majesty (2018)
Celestial Storm (2018)
Forbidden Light (2018)
Ultra Prism (2018)
Crimson Invasion (2017)
Shining Legends (2017)
Burning Shadows (2017)
Guardians Rising (2017)
Black Star Promos (2017)
Sun & Moon (2017)

XY Set (2013 – 2016)

Pokemon’s XY set was released on February 5th 2014 and it revealed all new Pokemon as well as new “M” EX Pokemon. It was also one of the only sets that reprinted base set cards and combined them in a new modern set to create hype. Pokemon XY also launched on Nintendo 3DS.

Set SymbolSet Name & Release Date
Evolutions (2016)
Steam Siege (2016)
Fates Collide (2016)
Generations (2016)
BREAKpoint (2016)
BREAKthrough (2015)
Ancient Origins (2015)
Roaring Skies (2015)
Double Crisis (2015)
Primal Clash (2015)
Phantom Forces (2014)
Furios Fists (2014)
Flashfire (2014)
XY Base (2014)
Kalos Starter Set (2013)
XY Black Star Promos (2013)

Black & White Set (2011 – 2013)

Pokemon’s black & White set was released on April 25th 2011, and was hugely popular thanks to its new “V” Pokemon. A type of Pokemon card that still appears in sets to this day. Alongside the new generation of Pokemon and game, it was incredibly popular and featured very popular rare cards.

Set SymbolSet Name & Release Date
Legendary Treasures (2013)
Plasma Blast (2013)
Plasma Freeze (2013)
Plasma Storm (2013)
Boundaries Crossed (2012)
Dragon Vault (2012)
Dragons Exalted (2012)
Dark Explorers (2012)
Next Destinies (2012)
Noble Victories (2011)
Emerging Powers (2011)
Black & White (2011)
Black Star Promos (2011)

HeartGold & SoulSilver Set (2010 – 2011)

Pokemon’s HeartGold and SoulSilver TCG set released on February 10th 2010, and features some of the rarest Pokemon cards ever. Sealed HG/SS packs and booster boxes are incredibly expensive and wanted by many Pokemon collectors.

This set was well known for its PRIME and LEGEND cards that are unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Set SymbolSet Name & Release Date
Call of Legends (2011)
Triumphant (2010)
Undaunted (2010)
Unleashed (2010)
HGSS Black Star Promo (2010)
HeartGold & SoulSiver (2010)

Platinum Set (2009)

Pokemon’s Platinum set was released on February 11th 2009. Even though it was a small set that only lasted one year it was popular thanks to its introduction to “SP” Pokemon cards.

Set SymbolSet Name & Release Date
Arceus (2009)
Supreme Victors (2009)
Rising Rivals (2009)
Platinum (2009)

Diamond & Pearl Set (2007 – 2008)

Pokemon’s Diamond and Pearl set was released on May 23rd 2007. Launched alongside the popular Nintendo DS games it was well known for introduction LV.X “level up” Pokemon cards.

Set SymbolSet Name & Release Date
Stromfront (2008)
Legends Awakened (2008)
Majestic Dawn (2008)
Great Encounters (2008)
Secret Wonders (2007)
Mysterious Treasures (2007)
DP Black Star Promos (2007)
Diamond & Pearl (2007)

POP Set – Pokemon Organised Play Event (2004 – 2009)

Pokemon’s POP series went on for many years, introducing rare and wanted Pokemon cards from subsets that were only obtainable at official Pokemon organised play events.

Set SymbolSet Name & Release Date
POP Series 9 (2009)
POP Series 8 (2008)
POP Series 7 (2008)
POP Series 6 (2007)
POP Series 5 (2007)
POP Series 4 (2006)
POP Series 3 (2006)
POP Series 2 (2005)
POP Series 1 (2004)

EX Set (2003 – 2007)

Pokemon’s EX set spanned across many years but was originally released in 2003 and started alongside the popular Ruby & Sapphire games for the Gameboy Advance.

Set SymbolSet Name & Release Date
Power Keepers (2007)
EX Trainer Kit 2 Minun (2006)
EX Trainer Kit 2 Plusle (2006)
Dragon Frontiers (2006)
Crystal Guardians (2006)
Holon Phantons (2006)
Legend Maker (2006)
Delta Species (2005)
Unseen Forces (2005)
Emerald (2005)
deoxys set symbolDeoxys (2005)
EX Trainer Kit Latias (2004)
EX Trainer Kit Latios (2004)
Team Rocket Returns (2004)
FireRed & LeafGreen (2004)
Hidden Legends (2004)
Team Magma VS Team Aqua (2004)
Dragon (2003)
Sandstorm (2003)
Ruby & Sapphire (2003)

E-Card Set (2002 – 2003)

Pokemon’s E-card set is one of the most unique sets of all time, as it allowed you to scan Pokemon cards into games using the e-reader technology. This set launched in September 2002.

Set SymbolSet Name & Release Date
Skyridge (2003)
Aquapolis (2003)
Expedition (2002)

Neo Set (2000 – 2002)

Pokemon’s Neo set is a set that I personally remember very well. It was the set that I decided to stop collecting, which was big for me as I was a Pokemon addict in a way. This set was released in December 2000 and revealed all new designs, characters and Pokemon.

Set SymbolSet Name & Release Date
Neo Destiny
Neo Revelation
Neo Discovery
Neo Genesis

Gym Set (2000)

Pokemon’s Gym Set is what started design innovation in my opinion. It was the first lot of cards that integrated well known characters from the anime into the card. Gym leaders would feature on the card as a way to indulge collectors. This set was released in August 2000.

Set SymbolSet Name & Release Date
Gym Challenge
Gym Heroes

Base Set (1999 – 2000)

Base set was the first ever line of sets, released and designed by Wizards of the Coast and features some of the rarest Pokemon cards in existence.

Set SymbolSet Name & Release Date
Team Rocket (2000)
Base Set 2 (2000)
Fossil Set (1999)
Black Star Promo (1999)
Jungle Set (1999)
No SymbolBase Set (1999)

Miscellaneous Sets (2001 – 2023)

These “other sets” are sets that do not fit or have not been designed to fit into a certain sets release/series, and even though they release with similar artwork and Pokemon they are designed to be sub sets of their own nature.

Set SymbolSet Name & Release Date
McDonald’s Collection (2022)
McDonald’s Collection (2021)
Pokemon Futsal Collection (2020)
McDonald’s Collection (2019)
McDonald’s Collection (2018)
McDonald’s Collection (2017)
McDonald’s Collection (2016)
McDonald’s Collection (2015)
McDonald’s Collection (2014)
McDonald’s Collection (2012)
McDonald’s Collection (2011)
Pokemon Rumble (2009)
Best Of Game (2002)
Legendary Collection (2002)
Southern Islands (2001)

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