Playing Fallout On The Nintendo 3DS Is Now Possible

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It feels like the Nintendo 3DS is really starting to get some love this year, probably because Nintendo are leaving it to die like the rest of their consoles, but now, not only can you emulate Nintendo 3DS games on the iPhone, it’s now possible to play… Fallout on the console?

The original Fallout isn’t exactly power intensive and can still be found on Steam to this day, and because the modding community are dang right crazy, they thought it would be a good idea to bring it to the 3DS, and I am all for it.

Fallout modder MrHuu has managed to get the game running on the Nintendo 3DS and if you’re a fellow techy, you might be able to do it yourself if you don’t mind spending an evening following instructions from MrHuu, just make sure you have an official copy of Fallout as you’ll need it.

Credit: u/Loopuze1 on Reddit

It was originally ported way back in August 2023 and even MrHuu himself say it was a “crappy port”, but over the last few months the modding community has come together to make the port even smooth, by adding the correct aspect ratios, touch input on the bottom screen and more.

There are still areas that need work, and with recent exposure there’s no doubt this will get even more refined, for example you need to cycle between left and right click using the “L” button which certainly gets annoying.

That said the port looks incredible, and the use of touchscreen gives this game a new life. Porting games to other consoles isn’t new, but I think this will become even more popular as the years go by, because lets face it, retro handhelds are still underrated.

Finally gonna play through and finish Fallout 1 on my 3DS
byu/Loopuze1 inclassicfallout

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