PAC-MAN WORLD Re-PAC Announced For Nintendo Switch & Launching In August 2022

pac-man world re-pac

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Out of nowhere it seems like Bandai Namco has revealed PAC-MAN WORLD Re-PAC a new adventure game coming to Nintendo Switch.

It feels odd writing this as we just finished our best PAC-MAN games article only a couple of days ago, so we may have to update it on August 26th 2022 when this new game drops!

If you’re a fellow retro gamer then you’ll already know that this is a remake of the classic PAC-MAN WORLD that launched on Playstation 1 in 1999.

It should feature lots of nostalgic memories, tricky puzzles, and some familiar faces.

it will feature smoother intuitive gameplay, updated visuals and a wider view of the action with much needed graphical upgrades.

Story wise, PAC-MAN arrives home in his birthday to find the Ghosts have kidnapped a bunch of his family and friends… what a party.

You must set out to adventure through the six areas of Ghost Island to rescue all of your family and friends.

The big boss at the end, once you eventually wade through all of the environmental puzzles and bad guys is Toc-Man!

pac-man world re-pac

You can butt-bounce, rev-roll, PAC-DOT attack and hover jump to the end of the game. There’s also a few different modes too such as Quest Mode, Maze Mode and the original PAC-MAN in Classic mode!

PAC-MAN World Re-Pac will also feature a limited edition called the “CHROME NOIR CHOGOKIN BUNDLE” which comes with a copy of the game, bonus skin DLC and a limited figure.

It will launch on all major consoles.

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