Numskull To Publish Harvest Moon: The Winds of Anthos Physical Edition in Europe

Harvest Moon: The Winds of Anthos

Numskull is officially the proud publisher of Harvest Moon: The Winds of Anthos in the European region. Which also marks their first physical release for the Xbox.

This is quite exciting for those looking to pick up their physical copy of this cozy title from legendary Natsume on the 25th anniversary of Harvest Moon.

Harvest Moon: The Winds of Anthos

Harvest Moon: The Winds of Anthos
Image Source: Natsume’s Twitter Account

The reveal of Harvest Moon: The Winds of Anthos started a bit mysterious back in December 2022 when Natsume released a crossword puzzle to hint at the game’s announcement.

They then spelled out “A-N-T-H-O-S” one letter at a time for a week on their Twitter account. Of course, completing the week with the official title and logo reveal.

Since that time, we’ve actually seen a decent amount of in-game content shared on their social media. So we have a pretty good idea of what to expect in the world of Anthos.

Harvest Moon: The Winds of Anthos
Image Source: Natsume

And as to be expected, Winds of Anthos looks to be a cozy adventure.

Add in a load of cute animals and work to be done around the farm, and you’ve got relaxing title!

It also looks like what could be a perfect summation of everything Harvest Moon has offered in its 25 year history.

Surely fans of farming sims or games like Pokemon Legends: Arceus, My Time at Portia, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons would be eager to jump into the exciting new world of Anthos.

Physical Release

Harvest Moon: The Winds of Anthos is set to release in Europe on October 6th, 2023 for PlayStation 4/5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One/S/X and for Windows PC, and will retail for £45.99 / €49.99.

[ The release date for North America is currently expected to be September 26th, 2023. ]

Numskull Games is the official publishing partner with Natsume to bring the physical editions to Europe. That’s the Playstation, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox platforms!

Numskull Games are known for releasing and curating games that are Serious Fun, and we are delighted to be working with them!

This partnership will bring Harvest Moon: The Winds of Anthos to gamers around Europe, and we are extremely excited for them to explore Anthos this October!

-Hiro Maekawa, President & CEO of Natsume Inc.

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