No One Lives Under The Lighthouse Is Coming To Consoles

No One Lives Under The Lighthouse

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The PS1 inspired horror game No One Lives Under The Lighthouse is close to its digital release on Playstation, Xbox and the Nintendo Switch. And you should be very scared.

We first heard about No One Lives Under The Lighthouse when it released for PC via the Steam Store.

Talks of a slow and unnerving game that has all the feels of original Playstation graphics had our interests piqued.

A quick browse on the Ukrainian developer Marevo Collective‘s Twitter, and you can see that these creepy PS1 experiences are definitely their specialty.

The game is set to release on current gen consoles next week. So let’s take a look at this unique horror experience and see why it should be on your radar!

No One Lives Under The Lighthouse

PS1 Graphics

The visuals of No One Lives Under The Lighthouse are almost exactly what we had back in the 90s with the first Playstation console – blocky characters, jagged edges, weird pixelated textures.

This was a result of the capabilities of the technology at that time. But it also became an aesthetic that many have a strong taste for.

There’s something about that look that feels retro. And often times, also feels uncomfortable.

Think games like Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Alone in the Dark, Nightmare Creatures. All games that would appear on our list of the best PS1 horror games.

No One Lives Under The Lighthouse

Game Play

No One Lives Under The Lighthouse is a throwback to that same PS1 horror energy. And the lack of visual clarity only adds to the struggle for survival.

But I definitely wouldn’t say that the game’s aesthetic is the only thing is has to offer. The premise, atmosphere, sound design, and gameplay are all equally intriguing and oppressing.

In this horror title, you are a light keeper sent to replace the previous tenant who disappeared mysteriously. Needless to say, you will also face whatever horror created that job convenient opening.

No One Lives Under The Lighthouse

The gameplay involves some exploration, puzzle solving, and lighthouse maintenance when the weather or mysterious forces start tearing your world apart. You know, normal stuff.

And obviously the goal is survival and to figure out what (if anything) is living under the lighthouse! We weren’t fooled by the game’s title, not for one second.

This game play experience will take you only a few hours to reach an ending, but offers some satisfying replayability with a few different possible outcomes.

Release Information

I strongly recommend you give this game a try. You surely will be entirely creeped out, and it’s one of those experiences that sticks with you.

No One Lives Under The Lighthouse is set to release digitally on the PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, and the Nintendo eShop for $11.99USD on May 18th.

I am absolutely looking forward to playing this on my new OLED Switch under the covers.

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