Nitro Deck Is The Ultimate Handheld Accessory For Your Switch

Nitro Deck

The Nitro Deck is a brand new controller accessory for the Nintendo Switch that makes it look quite similar to the Steam Deck. And we had no idea we needed it until we saw it.

The Nitro Deck is made by CRKD, and this seems to be their first product. At least, it’s the only one on their website.

But if the website and promotional images are anything to go by, this thing is looking super high quality. A truly premium third party accessory.

Let’s take a closer look at the Nitro Deck and see why we need this one for handheld Switch gaming.

Update August 9, 2023: Nitro Deck has announced that they are now available to pre-order to the UK and 27 additional countries. This is great news for those who have been waiting to get theirs. Pre-orders placed in these countries should be fulfilled on September 25th, 2023. Find out where to buy Nitro Deck!

Nitro Deck

Nitro Deck
Image Source: CRKD

The Nitro Deck is a controller and port accessory made for the Nintendo Switch, both the original and OLED models.

You slip your Switch console into the well designed accessory, and it totally transforms your switch into what looks a lot like the Steam Deck. But, in my humble opinion, much better.

I gotta give them credit, they really created a product that looks stunning. But what is equally important to appearance is the function.

So did they get that right as well? Looks to me like they did.

Nitro Deck
Image Source: CRKD

All of the buttons on the Nitro Deck look premium and it also includes a full dpad, unlike the Nintendo Switch. Something retro gaming fans can benefit from.

The large sized triggers look like they will be very comfortable to use as well.

And thanks to the hall sensor joysticks used in the Nitro Deck, you will not need to be concerned with future stick drift.

They are also advertising ultra-low latency, which means you should have no problems with a delay in inputs, which some third party controllers will have. The unit has a usb-c plug that connects to the bottom of your Switch.

The rear of the Nitro Deck features a large kickstand, two usb-c plugs (input and output), as well as four re-mappable buttons for custom actions.

It’s really looking like CRKD has thought about every little detail of their new accessory.

Purchasing Information

Nitro Deck
Image Source: CRKD

The Nitro Deck is currently available for pre-order, with shipping expected to begin on September 18th, 2023.

Sadly for those of us living outside of North America, the Nitro Deck is currently only available to purchase in Canada and USA. But they have said that there are plans to open up sales worldwide at a later date.

The “Base Edition” is available in black, white, and grey and will sell for $59.99USD.

The special “Nostalgia Edition” models come in a Game Cube purple with colorful buttons and an SNES controller color scheme. Those will sell for $89.99USD.

And there is even a really awesome limited edition collection with our friends from Limited Run Games. Those are available in transparent glacier blue & transparent atomic purple and are also selling at $89.99USD.

The Nostalgia and LRG special edition models also come with a carrying case. Which is an added bonus for the small extra premium you pay for those models.

Needless to say, we are loving that Limited Run Games purple and blue models. But every single colorway offered looks stunning. So we’ll take one of each, if you’re reading CRKD!

Seriously though, this is one of the most exciting third party accessories I have come across for the Nintendo Switch. And I am absolutely dying to get my hands on one.

And after reading, I’m thinking you probably will be as well.

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