Nintendo Officially Announces Pikmin 4 Releasing In July 2023

pikmin 4

Finally, after far too long, Nintendo has officially announced Pikmin 4 in their latest Nintendo Direct, with a release date of 21st July 2023.

They kicked off the live show with revealing the new logo alongside a couple of minutes of gameplay.

Straight off the bat you can see slightly enhanced graphics and incredibly nostalgic gameplay. They then showed a wide number of different Pikmin, from Red Pikmin to Ice Pikmin, all with familiar abilities.

The newest member of the team is a dog named Oatchi, this dog seems to guide you through the game all while being able to use him to help you move objects, defeat bosses and detect hidden items.

You can even ride the dog over water (including your Pikmin) and use it to access hidden places within the game

Nintendo obviously doesn’t want to give too much away regarding the storyline, but they did reveal a boss fight, while using your Pikmin in numerous ways to defeat it alongside assistance from your beloved doggo!

Pikmin 4 Release Date

Pikmin 4 releases on July 21st 2023 for Nintendo Switch.

What else was revealed?

pikmin 4 boss

Right after the release date Nintendo shows a Bulborb with bright red eyes running away as if its mind was overtaken by some dark magic.

Perhaps this is a hint at the storyline, as if something has taken over as the new big bad guy.

Finally, they mention that more information is coming soon.

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