Nintendo Finally Reveal A NEW Mario & Luigi Game After 9 Years

mario luigi brothership

In today’s Nintendo Direct, the first game to be revealed, and opened the livestream with a bang was Mario & Luigi: Brotherhood, a new game added to the Mario & Luigi series, making it the first game in over 9 years!

This new Mario & Luigi game has a unique styling to is, featuring faint black strokes around the characters alongside visually beautiful and bright gameplay which undoubtedly pushes the Nintendo Switch hardware to the limit.

This game is designed to be played with a friend, taking on puzzles, enemies and challenges scattered throughout the island, all while meeting new friends, new foes and attempting breath-taking skills.

It looks incredibly fun to play and if you watch the announcement trailer you can see that from the get go. A couple of areas that stood out for me were the fact that you can jump from island to island using a canon, giving it a beach/island feel to the game that’s bright, fun and eye-catching for all ages.

Nintendo also showcased some awesome combination moves that Mario and Luigi can do together, such as spinning in tandem to float around the screen Kirby style, and a football move that shows the duo kicking around a shell and ends in what looks like some kind of ultimate ability by booting it at the enemy.

This will certainly became an incredible Mario game to play with friends and it’s available on Nintendo Switch on November 7th 2024.

I couldn’t be happier seeing Nintendo reincarnate the Mario & Luigi games, the last proper game Nintendo released was Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam back in 2015!

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