Nintendo Announces New Animal Crossing LEGO Collaboration

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Nintendo certainly hasn’t been shy with collaborations as of late.

We’ve seen the Super Mario Bros. movie earlier this year and now, it’s another fan favorite franchise to get some love thanks to Animal Crossing LEGO.

Rumored earlier this year, it’s been fantastic to get an official announcement of this highly anticipated merging of worlds to go along with the increasingly popular Super Mario LEGO sets, albeit in tiny trailer form.

Let’s get into what we’ve been able to gather from the short but sweet reveal video.

Animal Crossing LEGO Details

lego animal crossing announced

As the new Animal Crossing LEGO has just been revealed, we haven’t been given too many details as to the release date, what kind of sets are going to be introduced at launch, and more.

What info we do have though is that some of the familiar villager faces that most know and love will be making it to minifigure form.

These include the famous Tom Nook and Isabelle alongside Kapp’n, Rosie, Bunnie, Marshall, Fauna, and Julian.

animal crossing lego characters

Additionally, you can expect to get to building the fruit trees from the game, whether that’s apples, oranges, or cherries, to make a luscious landscape for your characters to enjoy.

There’ll even be blocks for you to create your very own balloon present, and land it on the aforementioned trees, making for some nice little roleplay elements.

animal crossing lego present

It’s not surprising that Animal Crossing was next in line to get the blocky treatment since the game is all about forming your very own world for characters to come and visit.

This translates so well to the endless possibilities of LEGO and certainly opens up a bunch of doors in terms of the number of potential sets that could be made.

As and when Nintendo, or LEGO for that matter, brings out some more information as to when we can expect the first Animal Crossing LEGO set, what it contains, and more, we’ll be sure to share the juicy details with you.

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