SEGA Launching NEW Sonic Origins Video Game In June 2022

sonic origins

The blue speedy Hedgehog seems to be everywhere this year, especially with the release of the movie, but it hasn’t stopped there. SEGA as of today has revealed a new game coming to Switch, PS5, Xbox and PC in June called Sonic Origins.

Sonic Origins will be launched on 23rd June 2022 on all major platforms including Nintendo Switch, PS5, Xbox and PC, which if you’re a Sonic fan, you’ll know it’s his birthday.

It features some of the best Sonic games from the past such as the original Sonic The Hedgehog, Sonic CD, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and Sonic 3 & Knuckles all in one incredible downloadable game…

That’s right, as of now it looks like Sonic Origins is download only and there’s a standard edition, then a deluxe edition which gives you extras, but there’s also “add-ons” too making it even more complicated. The below image should give you an insight into how SEGA is handling this… and if you need a hint, it’s not well.

sonic origins editions

The four remastered titles are a great way to play the original games on new hardware, for those of you that aren’t keen on emulation. There’s also lots of modes and new missions to be unlocked too alongside new soundtracks, custom menus, camera controls and backgrounds to customise the levels and make it feel like a new game.

The additional music tracks from the Mega Drive/Genesis titles is a pretty cool addition, but is it really worth buying a separate “pack” to unlock them if you don’t want the deluxe edition, who knows?

There’s also a chance of playing all 3 characters (Sonic, Tails and Knuckles) throughout all levels unlocking more new ways to play the original levels throughout the series including normal modes and anniversary modes.

sonic origins characters

But what has got us most excited is the fact that SEGA has gone out of their way to add a bunch of animated content to the game which looks as if it’s their own TV series-like show with incredible detail.

In the trailer attached to the top of this article you can see a wide number of clips that shows an awesome looking animation which from what we gather is sprinkled through the game when you complete levels and switch between games.

There’s a wide number of extras which we can’t to discover, for example there’s new character animations and an “island camera” which could be a new way to play these old games where the camera view is different, or it could be a simple way to explore the levels without playing them, who knows SEGA has yet to share more information on this subject.

The standard edition will cost $39.99 which is just the game, and the deluxe edition will cost $44.99 and feature the game, difficult missions, letterbox backgrounds, characters in the main menu and “camera view in the main menu” making us believe it’s just a way around to mess around in the levels through the main menu.

Oh and the Mega Drive soundtracks!

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