Ms. Pac-Man Joystick Player Is My Arcade’s Most Practical Miniature Yet

My Arcade Ms. Pac-Man Joystick Player

My Arcade has announced a new Ms. Pac-Man branded miniature arcade cabinet, this time as part of their Joystick Player line.

If you feel like you’re having trouble keeping up with all of the My Arcade products, don’t worry – you are not alone.

They’ve got the Micro Player, the Pocket Player, the Nano Player, and now the Joystick Player.

We know that their whole marketing plan depends on selection, which they certainly have plenty of.

But the Joystick Player does have several features that makes it superior in the My Arcade product line. So let’s take a look.

Ms. Pac-Man Joystick Player

My Arcade Ms. Pac-Man Joystick Player
Image Source: My Arcade

The Joystick Player model from My Arcade features a 3.2 inch full color vertical display, which bests the 2.75 inch display on the Micro Player and the 2.4 inch display on the Nano Player.

That reason alone makes the Joystick Player more of a playable product and less of a bookshelf display piece.

And the particular feature that makes the Joystick Player much more practical compared to the other miniature arcade cabinets by My Arcade is the full-sized joystick.

That is our number one complaint about any miniature arcade cabinet; they are quite pricey for something that will likely just live on your bookshelf and are not very easy to play for more than a couple of minutes.

My Arcade Ms. Pac-Man Joystick Player
Image Source: My Arcade

So for My Arcade to introduce a miniature cabinet that features a full-sized stick means that we can enjoy this one for longer game play sessions on the couch while watching anime and eating Doritos.

Sorry, I just shared my fantasy there. Let’s get back to the promo.

Seriously though, of all of the products from My Arcade, I do believe that the Joystick Player is the best looking and most playable.

And if they have a product for one of your favorite video games, they are also a wonderful addition to any retro collection.

Purchasing Information

My Arcade Ms. Pac-Man Joystick Player
Image Source: My Arcade

The Ms. Pac-Man Joystick Player was just announced by My Arcade and has yet to hit their website, but we’re expecting it soon.

Their Galaga Joystick Player debuted at $49.99USD, so we’re anticipating the exact same pricetag for Ms. Pac-Man.

They plan on introducing the Pac-Man and Asteroids models soon as well. so keep an eye on the My Arcade website for fun new products.

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