Brand New Pokemon ROM Hack Moémon Mega FireRed Available Now

Moémon Mega FireRed

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Moémon Mega FireRed is a brand new ROM hack for Pokemon FireRed that replaces all pocket monsters with cute anime girls.

Sounds pretty cool, right?

Yes, the Moémon niche is a branch of Pokemon ROM hacks featuring cute girls dressed up as Pokémon.

It’s the same familiar story, same familiar gameplay… but you can enjoy new human characters rather than little monsters.

This is a perfect solution for those who feel bad hurting cute animal-like monsters and would prefer to battle it out with other humans.

But seriously though, what makes these ROM hacks particularly special is the massive amount of new pixel art that is created for them.

Moémon Mega FireRed

Moémon Mega FireRed

The brand new Moémon Mega FireRed is the latest Moémon ROM hack from Team Moémon Project.

And this new incredible project packs in a massive amount of Moémon. Over 600 characters, in fact, with the new Fairy-Type and Mega Evolutions.

There are also new areas to explore and new expanded moves to use in battle.

So it sounds like this is gonna offer a fun new experience in 3rd generation Pokemon, even for those who have played FireRed many times before.

How To Get It

To get your copy of Moémon Mega FireRed to play on your favourite retro handheld, first grab the ROM hack file here.

To implement a ROM hack, you just need a copy of the original game ROM (in this case, Pokemon FireRed) and the ROM hack file.

Navigate your web browser a ROM patcher and upload both files. The website will spit out your new patched ROM ready to play! Easy as that.

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