New Miniature Sony PVM by Retroldtech is A Thing of Retro Beauty

Sony PVM by Retroldtech

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Retroldtech has just announced that their fan-favorite miniature Sony PVM Replicas are back on their store for pre-order.

You may be familiar with the works of Retroldtech for their creation of miniature game consoles.

But most of those creations are collectible display pieces for fans of video game tech. For looks only.

What makes these Sony PVM Replicas quite unique are that they are fully functional LCD displays!

Sony PVM Replicas

Sony PVM by Retroldtech
Image source: Retroldtech

These incredible miniature Sony PVM Replicas come in at an astonishing 5 inches, and are fully functional displays.

I had to check, and then double-check, and then triple-check to make sure I was understanding that correctly.

These monitor replicas do, in fact, feature HDMI, AV RCA and VGA Inputs for a variety of display use cases.

And the five inch screen comes in at a 640×480 pixel resolution and 60Hz frame rate.

That’s not all! There are also built-in dual 5W speakers and an audio amplifier with volume control.

There is even a cool box included with your purchase, so you can feel like you bought your PVM straight from a (miniature) store!

Purchase Information

Sony PVM by Retroldtech
Image source: Retroldtech

Remember when I said that I had to triple-check that this was a fully functional LCD? Well, I am sorry to say, I also had to triple-check when I saw the pricing.

That’s because the Sony PVM Replica comes in at a wallet crushing €565.00 (about $600USD). Which certainly ain’t cheap for a mini monitor.

But we understand that this is not your average Aliexpress item. This is a handmade bespoke item from a small independent artist offering something unique and cool to retro fans.

Which is why we feel no hesitation to share with our readers and encourage you to support their work, if you can.

The work of Retroldtech is meticulous and beautiful. And their craftsmanship surely justifies the premium pricetag.

So if you are a fan of classic PVM monitors, and you feel the love is worth the pricetag, here’s an incredible option for you.

Pre-orders are being accepted until October 31st, and shipping is expected to commence in January of 2024!

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