DIY Metal Slug X Model Kit Collections Now Available

Metal Slug X Model Kits

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DIY model kits in celebration of the SNK arcade classic Metal Slug X have gotten a long awaited re-issue in a full six part collection.

If you’ve ever wanted to get a true hands on experience in the Metal Slug universe, now is your chance!

These make for the perfect gift for a retro gaming fan, or… of course… yourself!

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Metal Slug X

Surely we don’t have to remind you that the Metal Slug video game franchise offers some of the most exciting side scrolling shooting out there and is one of the best platform games ever made.

The Metal Slug series quickly became a hit in arcade halls, as well as on the SNK home and portable console systems.

Metal Slug X is an enhanced version of Metal Slug 2, remastered in the Metal Slug 3 game engine that released in 1999.

And this is the definitive experience for Metal Slug 2, a game that is considered one of the absolute best entries in the series.

Metal Slug X Model Kits

Metal Slug X Model Kits

These new model kits for the iconic Metal Slug X allows fans to get hands on with some of the best vehicles from the game.

There are six total models available, including Metal Slug, Sarubia, Slug Flyer, Melty Honey, Shoe, and Land Seek.

Each vehicle model comes with an unpainted mini character figure as well, which gives you a chance to exercise your fine painting skills.

Metal Slug X Model Kits

If you purchase the entire set of six, each individual kit contains bonus pieces that combine to build a unique seventh vehicle, the Space Tank.

So this is truly a buy six, get one type of deal here!

Purchasing Information

The entire set of Metal Slug X model kits are currently available for pre-order on

The collection retails for $99.99usd and BBTS are anticipating an October 2023 fulfillment.

[ After a bit of research, it would seem that these kits have been available before, but quickly sold out. So this particular offering is a brand new reproduction of the full set of six. ]

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